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Facilitating behaviour change

Slimming World has considerable expertise in the facilitation of behaviour change relating to weight management. The organisation was founded in 1969 specifically to provide better support than any available elsewhere, to effectively help people change their behaviour in relation to food and activity, to help raise their confidence and self-esteem and so manage their weight. The principles on which Slimming World was founded (supporting people to make new decisions and change old habits - often habits formed over a whole lifetime - rather than telling them what to do) have remained constant and been built over 40 years.

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Our research

Stubbs, R.J. and Lavin, J.H. (2013) The challenges of implementing behaviour changes that lead to sustained weight management. Nutrition Bulletin, 38: 5-22. (open access)

  • This paper reviews the challenges associated with implementing behaviour change for successful weight management.
  • There are numerous approaches to weight management but they all involve changes in self-management, eating or activity behaviour.
  • Dietary changes in behaviour appear to be more achievable for weight loss earlier in the weight loss journey, while physical activity becomes a critical adjunct to initial dietary changes for weight loss maintenance.
  • People successfully maintaining significant weight loss tend to control their appetite, do more physical activity and remain vigilant, to catch slips in behaviour that may lead to weight regain.
  • To navigate from the journey of weight loss to one of habitual weight loss maintenance requires long-term self-management. Environments and programmes that support, nurture and facilitate long-term behaviour change give people the capability, opportunity and motivation to navigate to a healthy weight.