Make your mother's day

This Sunday is the perfect time to really pamper that special lady in your life – your mum. Whether it’s flowers, chocolates or a pampering treat, she’s bound to love your thoughtful gift.

If your mum or another family member would love to lose a few pounds – or more –another gift from the heart is to let them know about Slimming World. 

Understandably, many of us worry about family members’ health and happiness but feel helpless to do anything. The last thing we want to do is make our loved ones feel self-conscious, embarrassed or hurt, and because being overweight is such a sensitive issue our words of compassion and care remain unsaid.

That difficult conversation can become much easier when you’re talking about your own weight loss. We know dozens of members who've asked a friend or family member to join Slimming World with them for additional support or they’ve gone along to support someone else. They've enjoyed Food Optimising, loved the extra support they've had from their loved one, and reached their target. A little self-disclosure can go a long way.

Gloucestershire member Andrea did just that.

“I was really worried about my mum's health. She's tried every diet under the sun - cabbage soups, shakes, tablets, crash diets - and every time she's given up through sheer hunger.

"She was suffering with all sorts of problems, and her weight was affecting her everyday life – walking up the street, playing with her grandchildren, even putting her tights on. I think she was so scared of failing again she didn’t want to try losing weight any more. I could see that if she didn’t do something her life would be cut short.

"Having around 3 stones to lose myself, I told my mum that I really wanted to lose weight so I could be a more active mum for my three young children – but I couldn’t do it alone and having her support would really help me.

"Joining Slimming World to help me was the start of a fabulous journey for both of us – after a few weeks Mum realised why I’d asked her to come with me, but having lost almost a stone she forgave me! We’ve both reached our targets and I’m so glad that I asked Mum to join me – I feel that we have many more years together now.”

At Slimming World we ask new members to be a friend and, if they know someone who wants some help and support in losing weight, to bring them along to their group. If you know someone that would like a really warm and friendly welcome, empathy and understanding about their weight and the help and support of a group of likeminded people and a fully trained Consultant, tell them about your success with Slimming World and invite them along. As we say here at Slimming World, together we can do it.

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