I love SW because… I’m an active mum!

I love SW because… I’m an active mum!

Jackie Renforth from Warwickshire lost 1 stone 11lbs to reach her target weight. Here’s why she loves Slimming World…

“Until I was seven months’ pregnant with my son, Max, I was performing as a Shania Twain tribute act in a Cyprus nightclub. Gigging in the evening meant I had the days to myself and they were mainly spent soaking up the sunshine – it was too hot to work out or do anything energetic.

“Once I discovered I was expecting a baby my ambitions began to change. I couldn’t perform on stage at night and have the energy to look after a baby properly in the daytime. I decided it would be best to leave the holiday lifestyle behind and move back to the UK.

“Once I was settled into my new home, I had a happy two months eating anything that took my fancy. When Max was born I thought the baby weight would drop off me, but feeding and looking after him just made me even hungrier than before. I’d skip breakfast, then limit myself to small portions and would inevitably end up so ravenous that I’d give into a large portion of chips or a big plate of pasta with a creamy ready-made sauce.

I joined Slimming World and in just seven days my whole attitude to eating magically changed. In my first week I filled my plate with Free Foods, and by the end of the week I was celebrating a 3lb weight loss.

“To be a good role model for Max, I realised, I had to learn to cook. My first effort was a Quorn chilli – and it was great! Now our favourite meals include full English breakfasts, chicken salad sandwiches and homemade meatballs. Between meals I snack on fat-free yogurts, fruit, low fat crisps and enjoy an Options hot chocolate before bed – yum!

“I still enjoy takeaways. I’m just sensible about my choices. If I’m with a group of friends and we choose Chinese food, I go for noodles and vegetables; at the Indian, I go for vegetable dhansak and plain boiled rice. And I might use some Syns for vodka mixed with diet cola.

“Rather than doing any formal exercise routine, I got into the habit of walking everywhere, pushing Max’s buggy, to tone up. Nothing makes me laugh more than when Max and I have a dancing session in the living room.

“Slimming World made losing weight easier than I ever dreamed possible. I’m never hungry, there’s so much choice and now I’m in control. And because it’s family friendly, me and Max eat the same delicious meals, which saves time and money. It’s great to know that as well as helping me stay slim for life, Max is picking up healthy habits too!”

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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