I love Slimming World because... I'm celebrating my 50's in style

I love Slimming World because... I'm celebrating my 50's in style

Julia Reynolds from Somerset lost 3st 10lb to be the fun, active mum she always dreamed of! Read her story here…

“We’ve always thought of ourselves as older parents – I was 37 when I had Matthew and my husband Ray is 11 years my senior. We loved eating out at restaurants and we carried on enjoying rich food, daily bottles of wine, and lots of chocolate.

“During a family holiday to Greece, I struggled to cope with the heat and my ankles swelled up. Ray, who had a weight problem of his own, had to haul me up hills when we tried to take a walk. No wonder Matthew, who was now a slim and sporty teenager, was doing all he could to avoid being seen with us! I suddenly realised that it was my size, not my age, that was stopping me from being the fun, active mum I’d have liked to be.

“Back home, Ray and I joined our local Slimming World group. We couldn’t have found a nicer, more enthusiastic Consultant and group. Judy explained Food Optimising so clearly that we went home from our first group fired up about all the lovely, filling meals we were going to cook. We lost 11lbs between us in our first week and were so excited.

While slimming with Ray really helped my motivation, Food Optimising also worked when I was travelling alone on business. I’d order a huge steak and jacket potato with salad, with sauce or dressing on the side.

“Ray and I are both at target now and still go to Judy’s group every week. The change in us both has been phenomenal.  The fresh fruit and vegetables have boosted our energy and, according to Ray, made me look 20 years younger. We love fooling our friends, too – they come for dinner and can’t believe that the delicious meals they’re eating have come from a Slimming World cookery book.

“It’s natural for teenagers to be a bit embarrassed by mum and dad, but we seem to be spending far more time with Matthew – chatting in the kitchen, or popping out for dinner. We haven’t really talked about it, but I know he’s proud of his ‘new’ parents. And so he should be – we’re pretty proud of ourselves, too!”

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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