Melanie’s got the world at her feet!

Melanie’s got the world at her feet!

Losing 9st 13lbs with Slimming World gave Melanie Wilkey from Cardiff the confidence to pursue her dreams of travelling the world. Read her story here…

“I’d always been slim until I went to university and my weight ballooned. I tried lots of diets and even joined Slimming World a couple of times. I was great at losing 2 stones but would get distracted and then return to my old eating habits. It just seemed easier to re-brand myself as the ‘funny, fat person’.

“Travelling is my passion but I’d get stressed about the flight, booking an extra leg room seat so that I wouldn’t be squashed. I struggled to cope with hot weather and would need to sit down in the shade. I went to Sydney and gazed at people climbing the Harbour Bridge, knowing that I couldn’t do that because of my weight.

“In my mid-thirties I started training to become a hairdresser but struggled to stand for long hours and suffered with aches in my knees and feet. I knew that Slimming World worked and decided to go back to group, where I knew I’d be welcomed with open arms.

“Staying to Image Therapy helped keep me focused and sharing recipe and meal ideas inspired me for the week ahead. I love my homemade chicken curry filled with Speed food vegetables and lots of chilli and spices – I like it hot! Because I work away from home, I prepare huge chicken salads and pasta dishes so that I’m not tempted to buy mayonnaise-laden sandwiches or other unhealthy snacks. My homemade versions are so much tastier, keep me filled up and they’re much cheaper too!

Food Optimising and Body Magic have helped me become healthier, energised and toned. I’ve joined a gym and have weekly personal training sessions as well as going swimming and tap dancing – I’m so full of energy!

“I set myself interim targets and I’d track my progress on LifelineOnline. I lost 3 stone 3lbs in time for a holiday and every time I had to lug my heavy bag on and off the carousels I thought, ‘I used to carry this extra weight on my body – and more!’

“For me, Food Optimising is for life and I’m confident that I now have the tools to maintain my weight. I love my slimmer, fitter, happier way of living and there’s no way I’ll go back to how I was before. Losing weight has made me a more positive person and I’m much more spontaneous. I can now fulfil my travelling dreams and can’t wait to climb the Harbour Bridge with the whole world at my feet!”

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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