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Below is everything you’ll need to download Slimming World artwork for creating banners, car livery etc. Choose the size you need using the following options…

# # #
size 3x3 size 3x4 size 5x2
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size 5x3 size 6x2  

A note to suppliers, design studios and printers

This artwork is provided to help Consultants promote their individual groups with high quality, on-brand, official material. The artwork is non-transferable and permission is not given to re-use the artwork for your own business use or profit.

Please note: When adding the group details to the banners, wherever possible please use our corporate font Helvetica Neue 75 Bold.

Featured success

Losing weight helped give me my dream family
Losing weight helped give me my dream family

Shannon has lost 8st 8lbs* and is looking forward to a bright new future.

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Free 7 day menu

Free 7-day menu

Try Food Optimising for free with our 7-day menu… you'll love the results!

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