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To our treasured Slimming World members everywhere 

By now, you’ll probably have heard from your Consultant that, following the latest government guidance to businesses,  we are, temporarily, suspending groups all over the UK and Ireland, with immediate effect. 

During this global crisis, we’ve done what Slimming World has always done – and will always do. We’ve put you, our wonderful communities of members, at the heart of every decision we make. 

Wherever it’s been humanly possible,  we’ve stayed open, we’ve been there to support you and we’ve taken extra measures to protect your health and wellbeing. We’ve done this because we know a Slimming World group is so much more than a place to get help with your weight, so much more than finding that help to become slimmer, fitter and healthier. 

In the whole world of help for slimmers, there’s nowhere like a Slimming World group. A Slimming Word group is place where people find compassion and understanding, friendship and fun, a shot of motivation and the confidence to carry on, even when times get tough. Thanks to you and our wonderful Consultants – working together – our groups give people hope in a world that can sometimes feel full of desperation.   

We know (we’ve witnessed it so many times) our groups bring out the best in people.  We recognise and applaud you, as you show that same compassion and kindness to others. Your warmth and kindness shines out and lights up the world. True to form, that is  exactly  what you’ve been doing throughout these past few weeks of uncertainty. And I can’t begin to tell you how happy and proud that’s made every single one of us at Slimming World. 

So, while we will stay exactly in line with all the advice set out by our countries’ leaders in their efforts to keep us as healthy as possible during this unprecedented crisis, we will therefore be suspending our groups for the time being.  We will absolutely not  be giving up on YOU or our life-changing, life-saving organisation. Not once, in the past 50 years, have we ever done that. Not once has a tough time beaten Slimming World and it’s not about to beat us now! 

As I write this, our teams are working behind the scenes to develop temporary ‘virtual’ community options that will ensure we can bring a remote Slimming World service to you at home. Our aim is to bring these to you next week (w/c 23rd March) if we possibly can – because we know that for many of you, the thought of trying to manage your weight alone at home, when life feels as though it’s been turned upside down is a frightening thought. And continuing to nourish our bodies with healthy, family-friendly, home-cooked meals has never been more important. 

Whilst a remote group will never be the same as your physical Slimming World group, technology means that we can maintain connections even when we’re physically isolated from each other. We are searching for the best way to do this, whether we use social media, a specialised online service such as Slimming Word Online or something more intimate and supervised so we can continue to support our members while not abandoning those most vulnerable in our society.  We are searching for a Slimming World solution, where we can give each other motivation, practical help and advice, tips, hope – and make each other laugh with that famous sense of humour you possess.  We will draw on our courage and strength and help others do the same. We will raise your spirits when you’re down and let you raise ours when we falter. 

We may be apart but we do not have to be alone. 

Despite the difficulties we are about to face, we will face them together and, with our combined energy and creativity, determination and compassion, we will all resurface stronger, braver and fitter than ever. 

Stay with us, because we will always stay with you. 

With all my love always, to you our members, your Consultants and your families, on behalf of the great family of Slimming World. 

Margaret X

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