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As life starts to return to normal, many of us are thinking about rekindling our weight loss dreams… and at Slimming World we’re excited to be taking our first steps towards getting back to real-life groups with our Virtual + Venue service.

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What is Slimming World’s Venue + Virtual service?

Our temporary Venue + Virtual service is an important stepping stone back to real-life Slimming World groups, giving members the support and inspiration they need to achieve their weight loss dreams in line with lockdown easing.

Once your local Consultant has booked your place in group and given you a time slot for your weigh-in, you’ll be able to attend your venue to pay your membership fee and weigh in on the official Slimming World scales. There will be a socially distanced queue where your Consultant will be able to have a quick chat to you about how you’ve been getting on. You’ll also be able to visit the group shop to stock up on Slimming World Hifi bars, cookbooks and the latest issue of Slimming World Magazine.

After you’ve paid and weighed, you’ll then attend your virtual group for IMAGE Therapy, a powerfully motivating session to help you develop healthy new habits, share strategies with fellow members, understand your own danger zones and make a foolproof plan for the week ahead.

Slimming World member Lisa Davies-Read has loved being able to keep in touch with her fellow members during their virtual IMAGE Therapy sessions. She says: “Hearing about their successes, their tips and tricks or how they’ve stayed motivated has really helped me throughout lockdown – listening to other people in the same position, who have the same goal, gives me so many ideas and strategies.”

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What safety measures will be in place?

Whether you’re a Slimming World member already or you’re thinking about joining, we want to reassure you that your safety is our top priority. When you attend the venue to weigh in, you’ll notice a few changes to how it’s set up to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. These include:

  • a one-way system to guide you safely around the room
  • ‘sneeze screens’ to ensure you and your group’s social team can stay safe at the scales
  • posters and floor markers to help everyone maintain the right social distance
  • wipes/hand sanitiser provided for use throughout the session

For the time being, we’ll be asking you to:

  • wear a face covering
  • keep your shoes on at the scales (and you might want to wear the same shoes each week)
  • bring your own pen to fill in your progress page…
  • …and your own carrier bag if you’re planning to visit the shop
  • pay by contactless if possible

If, at any point, you experience symptoms of COVID-19 – that’s a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – please follow the government’s guidance to stay at home and please let your Consultant know, so they can continue to support you until you’re able to return to your group.

We’re always here for you

Whatever the guidance is, we promise we’ll be here to support you on your weight loss journey every week. Whether your group is running virtually or as part of our Venue + Virtual service, you’ll continue to access a programme deeply rooted in the psychology of slimming to help you achieve real and lasting weight loss success. You’ll also have exclusive use of our member-only website and app, where you’ll find more than 1,500 slimming-friendly recipes, tips to help you stay on track and the Slimming World Scanner.

We’re doing all we can to welcome you back to your Slimming World group venue as safely as possible. We can’t wait to see you all in-person again as we take this exciting first step towards being back together in our real-life groups.

Contact your local Consultant to book your place in group.

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