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You don’t need us to tell you that life is tricky at the moment. Keeping to our usual routines, eating well, staying active, feeling connected to people… There are lots of things that feel more difficult right now. But the My Slimming World Virtual Groups – our temporary alternative to your local Slimming World group – can help with some of these challenges.

A welcoming place of recipe swapping, idea sharing, slimming support and inspiration, you’ll find everything you need to stay on your weight loss journey in your Slimming World virtual group. It’s everything you love about your real-life group, just from the comfort of your own home until we can reopen our doors.

As well as supporting your weight loss, keeping a sense of normality, focusing on positives and experiencing that much-needed contact and camaraderie with your Slimming World community are all important for our overall wellbeing. And yes, keeping our weight steady can help us to feel fitter, happier, healthier and more able to deal with what life throws our way. Here are some of the things our members are talking about in My Slimming World Virtual Groups:

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How do I join?

There’s no need to be a whizz with technology to get involved. The groups take place using an app/website called Zoom – so all you need is a phone, tablet, or laptop. Your Consultant will share a link for you to join in the weekly session and, just like that, you’re connected to your friends in group again! And if you’re not yet part of a group, you can find your nearest Slimming World virtual group here.

If you haven’t experienced a Slimming World virtual group before, let our members tell you about that amazing feeling you’ll get when you ‘join the call’ for the first time…and just how simple it is.

That virtual feeling’ of staying connected

Making healthy changes to support your weight loss is a lot easier when you feel happy in yourself – and that’s why our groups are all about friendship, sharing and having fun! If you’re missing social contact since lockdown started, a Slimming World virtual group is a great place to see and chat to friendly, like-minded people, just like you would in a real-life group. Plus, taking half an hour a week to focus on your own health, wellbeing and emotional needs can only be a good thing right now. Our members Clinton and Zoe (@Topchefnavarros_sw) love attending their virtual group each week…

They said: “Loved attending our first virtual group tonight ❤ Missed our 7.30 gang loads! Philippa absolutely smashed it, and was so nice to have human ‘face to face’ interaction. Just what we needed after these past few days!”

That virtual feeling’ of expert support

When the going gets tough, you can rely on Slimming World to really get behind you – and that hasn’t changed. While we can’t be there in person to offer a reassuring hug, our Consultants are just the other side of a laptop, tablet or phone screen with expert advice, strategies and support to help you overcome any slimming hurdles and make meaningful changes to last a lifetime. Consultant Beckie (@beckie.wilde.sw) is ready to celebrate her members with some weight loss awards.

She said: “Can’t wait to give out some fantastic awards tomorrow! So proud of each and every one one of my members for committing to their weight loss journeys.”

That virtual feeling’ of creating healthy habits

If you’ve been – understandably – struggling to eat well and stay active recently, a My Slimming World Virtual Group is a great place to rediscover those healthy habits. Taking part in a virtual group helped our Mr Sleek 2020, Aaron Snares, get back on the weight loss wagon after a trying couple of weeks.

Aaron Snares at the Slimming World Awards - Success story - Slimming World Blog

He says: “I really struggled with how to deal with lockdown at first. The uncertainty scrambled my head and I found it hard to focus on the plan as a result.

My Consultant and other members reassured me that it’s OK to have a blip, as long as that one day doesn’t become a whole week of blips because you think you’ve sabotaged your weight loss. It’s how you overcome that one day that matters most.

They’ve also suggested some different ways to stay active. I’ve been doing some YouTube home workouts, started running with a Couch to 5k app and have found different things I can do around the house to stay active instead of getting into a rut, which is very easy to do at the moment.

After a couple of weeks of stressful gains, I’ve had four consecutive losses and I’m determined to go back to group 2st lighter and feeling amazing, as I know I can beat even the toughest of times.”

That virtual feeling’ of incredible inspiration

Slimming World groups are full of weight loss inspiration – and our virtual groups are no exception. Whether it’s finding a clever way to make a Food Optimising version of your favourite dish, getting tips for keeping active at home or feeling motivated by a fellow slimmer’s success, there’s no place like a My Slimming World Virtual Group to encourage you to stay on track as you build healthy new habits and lose weight. Dan (@flyandslim_sw) loves sharing ideas with his fellow members in his virtual group, where he was awarded Slimmer of the Month!

He says: “I think it’s important to have engagement and interaction with the people that I’m on a journey with. I’m going to get involved with my group and hopefully pick up some hints and tips for the week ahead.”

That virtual feeling’ of celebrating success

As well as supporting you through trickier times and helping to power up your weight loss, your Consultant and fellow members are there to celebrate your slimming wins. And you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll still receive shiny virtual awards and certificates for every weight loss milestone, so even though you’re at home, you can still cheer every achievement! Member Pip was over the moon when she reached her target weight during lockdown. Her Consultant Heather Jackson says:

“My gorgeous Saturday morning group member Pip has reached target during lockdown. With the support of group, she’s lost 4lbs in the past two weeks, with a total loss of 3st, and reached her personal achievement target! What an amazing inspiration to us all. A few small changes give you a massive difference!”

As you can see, when you join a Slimming World virtual group, you’ll find a world of support, expert advice and inspiring ideas. You’ll also get access to our members-only website and app, with over a thousand healthy recipes, meal planning and tracking tools, plus a free copy of our digital magazine. You can find out more about joining Slimming World here.

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