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Nutrition plays a big part in health and wellness, so it’s naturally something that many of us have questions about at the moment – questions I hope I can help to answer.

Helping our members to eat well and enjoy food without ever needing to feel hungry is our passion at Slimming World, and carefully balanced nutrition is key to our Food Optimising plan. It’s definitely a topic that I see as hugely important, so I was delighted to contribute to the Royal Society of Public Health UK (RSPH) series of expert ‘Coronavirus Lowdown’ guides to help us all stay healthy.

“Our coronavirus vlog series was created to give the public practical advice for looking after their health and wellbeing during the outbreak. RSPH and Slimming World have successfully partnered together on many occasions, so it was a natural step to ask Carolyn to give her tips on nutrition and the immune system. Slimming World has the expertise to support their members with this, and we’re delighted that they worked with us to share this message with a wider audience.”

Duncan Stephenson, Deputy Chief Executive RSPH

Can I boost my immune system through my diet?

This is one of the big questions right now, and you’ll find my answer in the video below. I’ve also given my top tips for eating a varied, balanced and filling diet, saving money while eating well and getting the kids involved in the kitchen (something I’ve been trying to do between working from home and home schooling during lockdown).

Serving up step-by-step recipe videos

If you’re not a confident cook, don’t worry, Slimming World is here to help. You’ll find lots of recipe videos that walk you through dishes step by step at – and many more on our member websites. Here are some of my Free Food favourites to get you started:

Dirty rice ’n’ peas


A bag of frozen, cubed butternut squash is my secret mealtime weapon. Fresh squash can be a faff to peel and deseed, so having the hard work done for me means I can quickly and easily bulk out curries, casseroles and other dishes, like this delicious rice ’n’ peas.

Easy chilli con carne


Everyone loves a good chilli, right? This one features canned kidney beans and colourful peppers. Completely Free and suitable for freezing, it’s the perfect midweek meal. If you don’t have peppers to hand, I find other veggies work just as well – try courgette, mushrooms or grated carrot. 

Curried chicken and cauliflower bake


This tasty bake is the perfect example of an ‘eat the rainbow’ dish. And you can use fresh or frozen cauliflower and spinach to make a flavour-packed Free meal from just five simple ingredients.

Roasted stuffed peppers


These colourful baked peppers are packed with filling rice and butter beans, and you’ll probably find many of the ingredients in your cupboards already. It’s a healthy lunch alternative to same-old sandwiches or salads.

Cook-along with the Slimming World blog

You’ll also find lots of recipe inspiration right here on the Slimming World blog. Every week for six weeks we’ll be sharing a cook-along recipe video hosted by Slimming World chef Sal. Other popular recipes include our chickpea curry, fruit kebabs with easy chocolate sauce (a favourite of mine and the kids!) and Chinese banquet rice (the perfect Friday night Fakeaway!). 

Staying healthy during lockdown

As part of the ‘Coronavirus Lowdown’ series, the RSPH has shared several other expert videos – including guides to sleeping well, looking after your mental health and exercise. Our members will find in-depth articles on all of these topics and much more on our member websites, too. 

RSPH also highlights community spirit as being especially important right now, and we know that there’s no community stronger or more supportive than the Slimming World one. That’s one of the reasons why offering an at-home alternative to local groups is hugely important to us during lockdown. We’d never want our members to miss out on that weekly boost of inspiration and motivation to keep them on their slimming journeys – and the My Slimming World Virtual Groups are working brilliantly to continue that expert support and care, and recreate the sense of community that our members love so much. 

Whether you’re enjoying that fantastic group feeling in your Slimming World virtual group, or you’re a Slimming World Online member swapping ideas in our lively Community, we’re here to help keep you eating and feeling as well as possible.

Have you been inspired to follow one of our recipe videos and create something delicious and nutritious in your kitchen? We’d love to see! Send your photos to the blog or share on social using #theSlimmingWorldblog.

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