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While it may feel like the pause button on normal life was pressed back in March, Slimming World will always be here for those keen to keep moving towards a slimmer, healthier, fitter future. Through our Slimming World virtual groups and the Slimming World website and app, we’ve supported our members all the way through lockdown, helping them to make and maintain the changes that make a big difference to the way we look and feel. 

As most of the country starts taking tentative steps back to some sort of normality, many of us are thinking about life after lockdown. We caught up with Slimming World members to find out what they want their own ‘new normal’ to look like…

Keeping up those healthy habits 

Lots of our members have been getting creative in the kitchen, with plenty of ideas-swapping in virtual groups and our online Community. Our cook-along videos have given target member Jenny Garner the confidence to adapt recipes to suit what’s in her cupboards. She says: 

“I was very much a ‘stick to the recipe’ kind of cook, but this has changed thanks to watching Sal’s recipe videos, as she offers so many alternatives. I add a tin of chopped tomatoes, a carton of passata and whatever tinned beans I fancy to the chicken fajitas recipe, to turn it into a nice stew-style meal.”

Genette-Life after lockdown-Slimming World blog

Many members tell us they’ve added a Body Magic boost to their routines. Genette Boulden is running her way fit, inspired by our Body Magic challenge. She says: 

“My July goal is to keep up the Couch to 5K and to lose 7lbs to be back at my target 🙌. Thanks for everything you’re doing for us, Slimming World ❤️ #bodymagicmoments.” 

Lesley Warden tried a more unusual activity, and it’s turned into a healthy new hobby…

“While on lockdown I have used YouTube to teach myself to belly dance and I love it! Can’t wait to look for a class to go to when it’s safe to do so ♥️.”


Slimming World Online member Andrea (Andy2020) is looking forward to feeling amazing at her daughter’s wedding (pictured together above on one of their daily walks). She says that fewer visits to the supermarket has had a positive effect on her buying habits…

“I shop online now, so I’m not tempted by sweet treats or impulse buys. I’ve also started buying fish from a fishmonger, who is teaching me about all the different fish available. We never ate fish before lockdown, now we eat more fish than meat. And the butcher now prepares mince and bacon Slimming World-style for me, cutting the fat off without me needing to ask.”

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A bright future

Looking forward to lockdown lifting has given many of our members the motivation to keep working towards their weight loss goals, and now they’re feeling super excited for what’s to come. Remember, it’s never too late to start working towards a healthier, happier post-lockdown life – and we’re here to help.


Check out Danielle’s inspiring story. She went into lockdown as a new Slimming World member, feeling very down and lacking the energy to play with her little girl. She now feels like a totally new woman…

“I’m now 3st lighter (only 6lbs away from my target weight) and life is completely different. My asthma is back under control and, having dropped three dress sizes, I feel confident enough to wear shorts for the first time in years. Best of all, I finally have the energy to chase Arya around the garden and play in the paddling pool. I can’t wait to take her to the park! Being an active mum is an incredible feeling.”

Sarah Crawford is on track to reach her target weight for a very special date… 

“7 weigh-ins till my birthday and 7lbs to my target weight loss of 4st 1½lbs… I’m quite excited at the prospect of #TargetForMyBirthday.”

We all want to feel our best on holiday, and gradual the lifting of lockdown has reignited the summer getaway spark in many of our members. Caroline Sansome is keeping her fingers crossed for her trip to Budapest in August, and will be eating plenty of Free fruit and veg to help take her weight loss total to 1st.

Slimming World Online member, Lisa (Alwaysright), is looking forward to some back-to-work weight loss compliments from colleagues. She says:

“I’ve been working from home, and for the first few weeks I ate everything in sight. I then realised that the longer this went on, the more weight I would put on. I really didn’t want to undo all my hard work so I decided to get back on plan. I’ve spoken to a few colleagues who have said they’ve put on weight during lockdown. This made me more determined to lose weight, and I also started to exercise. When we do eventually go back in to work, I want people to notice that I’ve lost weight.”

We’d love to know what you’d like your life after lockdown to look like. Perhaps you’ve already started some new routines that you’re keen to continue? Or maybe you feel like you need a helping hand to make your post-lockdown vision a reality? Whatever your goals, Slimming World is here to support you. We’re working hard with our Consultants on a plan for groups to re-open safely later this summer. Until then, you can get a head start on your weight loss with our virtual service, which has brought the magic of group to our members’ homes during this difficult time.

You can find out more about joining Slimming World here.

Thank you to our very energetic member Liv Pearson (@sw_livpearson) for our gorgeous main image.

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