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If you’re dealing with another lockdown, we know that you’re likely to be worried about a lot of things – and that eating well, staying active and keeping healthy can feel like more of a struggle. Rest assured that the Slimming World community stands strong and we’re here to help you face whatever challenges the next few weeks may bring.

Lockdown help unlocked: Find a list of the blog posts that you might find useful below

Since March, we’ve learnt so much about how to support our members through this uniquely difficult time. Our survey of over 800 UK adults (including 222 Slimming World members) found that more than half had difficulty managing their weight during lockdown. The four key reasons given were:

  • difficulty getting to the shops and getting hold of their usual foods
  • boredom and being at home leading to increased snacking
  • higher stress and anxiety levels leading to comfort eating
  • less time spent moving around and exercising

However, despite the above, our members continued to lose weight. With the right tools and an unwavering support system, you can still hit your weight loss goals and come through lockdown feeling good – so don’t give up now!

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Whatever your lockdown worries, we can get through it together. Contact your local Consultant to find out more and book your place in group.

To get you off to a slim-tastic start, we’ve pulled together a selection of blog posts that we think you may find useful. Here you’ll find store-cupboard recipes, activity ideas, expert health and nutrition advice, motivation and mindset tips, and inspirational stories from our members who kept on slimming through the last lockdown:

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