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Next week is National BBQ Week – hurray! With the sun set to shine for many of us this bank holiday weekend, firing up the barbecue and treating your family to a cookout is the perfect way to safely celebrate during lockdown.

With all that tempting food and drink on offer, barbecues might seem a bad idea if you’re trying to lose weight, but enjoying a plateful of grilled goodies is actually a breeze with the Slimming World eating plan. Free Foods like lean pork, beef, chicken, fish, tofu and vegetables all taste delicious cooked over hot coals or in a convenient gas barbecue.

Whether you fancy burgers, kebabs or veggie dishes, we’ve got a great collection of grill recipes to fire up your appetite. Slimming World members also share loads of brilliant barbecue recipes in their virtual groups and in our online Community. Take a look at how our members are enjoying the fun and flavour of flame-grilled food without putting their weight loss on the back burner.

Slimming World member Siân (@swsianol) served up this incredible feast, packing her plate with halloumi-topped burgers, a sausage, a home-made pork kebab and lots of filling couscous.

If you fancy a really tasty burger for your barbie, our pork and apple version will tick all your boxes. Or you could go for a fiery veggie option with our smoky bean burgers, like Kayleigh (@kayleigh_may_sw), who tops her burger bowl with halloumi and a drizzle of low Syn barbecue sauce. You can search the Syn values of all your favourite barbecue bites on the members’ website – which makes it easy to find a banging low Syn sausage (Iceland’s Syn free frozen Slimming World Pork Sausages are obviously our personal favourites!).

Skewers are great for grilling and there’s no limit to the colourful combos you can create. Alex (@alex_2020_sw) kicked her kebabs up a notch with her spicy chicken shashliks.

Before grilling, Alex marinated her chicken in fat-free natural yogurt mixed with smoked paprika, garlic, black pepper, salt, oregano, chilli powder, onion powder and celery salt. Marinating your meats is a great way to boost the flavour of your meals without adding Syns. Our pork souvlaki skewers are bursting with authentic Greek flavours and Slimming World members can find lots more marvellous marinade recipes over on the member website.

And if you’re looking for a veggie-friendly kebab, @sw_todaysfood’s halloumi and veg skewer is hard to be beat – especially when served with sweet potato wedges, boiled eggs and home-made tzatziki.

Does Emily’s (@sw.emz) colourful plateful look like the barbecue dish of your dreams? As well as lamb kebabs and halloumi, Emily’s packed her plate with a tasty-looking salad of leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber and lots of roasted vegetable couscous. Filling your plate with Free Foods is the secret to any satisfying BBQ feast – and because it’s all Free, you can go back for seconds without worrying about your weight loss.

Looking for even more brilliant inspiration for your barbie? Our members’ websites are packed with ideas, from devilled drumsticks to spice-crusted salmon, and there are plenty of meat-free options, too. Join Slimming World and you’ll have over 1,000 recipes at your fingertips – as well as all the recipe swapping, expert slimming advice and other support you get in a My Slimming World Virtual Group.

We’d love to see how you’re celebrating National BBQ Week, so send your gorgeous grill pics to the blog or share on social using #theSlimmingWorldblog.

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