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To our dedicated and valued members,

We’ve missed you, we’ve been wondering how you are and we wanted to let you know how sorry we are…

…we’re sorry because we’ve made a recent discovery that we’re concerned may have left you feeling out of touch with us here at Slimming World or, worse still, possibly even abandoned by us. And that’s the last thing we’d ever want a Slimming World member to feel.

We know how hard the last few months have been – for all kinds of reasons. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for so many people and we really hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well.

From recent feedback (and we’re truly grateful to those members we’ve spoken to for letting us know), we’ve discovered that our contact details were incomplete. This meant that our early letters to let you know what’s happening here at Slimming World might not have reached you – just when you most needed that contact – and we’re so very sorry to have left you wondering. 

Life has been turned upside down, losing weight might have been the very last thing on your mind, and we just want you to know we’re thinking of you and that we understand.

While we feel sure your Consultant will have been in contact and may well have stayed in touch with you, nevertheless we at Slimming World always intended to stay in touch with reassurance and updates, so that you know where we are if you ever need us. We’re very conscious you may have decided that a temporary virtual group wasn’t for you – and we understand that, too. While they’ve been a heart-lifting support for many members, they haven’t been for everyone, and we’re so genuinely sorry if you’ve felt alone – as far as your weight loss is concerned anyway.

The other feedback many members have given us is that you really can’t wait to get back to some kind of normality – back to Food Optimising and back to feeling a bit more in control, and we do want you to know we’re here, ready to help you get going again as soon as you feel ready. Please know that your Consultant, your fellow members and the whole Slimming World family is behind you all the way – especially if you’ve been tempted to give up on yourself a little bit of late. If your belief ever falters, your group will be there to lend a bit of theirs. And if their belief ever falters, we’ll be there to lend a bit of ours – and our belief in you is unwavering. 

We’ve included a link below to Slimming World’s digital magazine and have made the latest issue free for you as a small gift of appreciation from us, to help re-inspire and rekindle those dreams. And if you’re feeling ready to get going now, you can contact your Consultant at any time, or you can contact us direct to find out a bit more about what’s happening in Slimming World’s world.

We’d all love to see you again very soon.

With all our love and warmest best wishes on behalf of your Consultant and the whole Slimming World team,

Caryl Richards, CEO

Here’s how to get your free copy of Slimming World magazine…

To download your free digital issue of Slimming World Magazine (July/Aug 2020), you’ll need to install the Slimming World Magazine app…

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, click here.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, click here.

It’s on us! Once you’ve downloaded the Slimming World Magazine app, click to open the ‘storefront’ (with all the available issues of the magazine) and you’ll spot the latest issue, July/Aug 2020, is free!

Tap with care… tapping on another issue or the Subscribe button will prompt you to pay for previous issues. If at any point you’re asked to pay for the magazine, please don’t go any further unless you’d love to read more! 

Happy reading x

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