Can my child join Slimming World?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer Slimming World Online-only membership to anyone under the age of 18.

However, children aged 11-15 can join a Slimming World group for free if they’re accompanied by a parent/guardian or family member who has main responsibility for their meals/eating habits at home.

As well as our standard member books, our young members receive specially written books to help them make positive lifestyle changes, with the support of their family and with GP recommendations as guidelines for their progress. Young people joining a Slimming World group can enjoy a specially devised healthy eating plan called Free2Go.

It includes a huge list of unlimited Free Food and fibre- and calcium-rich Healthy Extras for optimum health and satisfaction. Free2Go – with the help of fully trained Consultants – helps young members reduce the less-healthy options by discovering cool swaps and healthy recipes. If the adult is already a member of Slimming World, there’s no extra charge. If the accompanying adult isn’t a member, a reduced weekly fee of £3.75 (plus the current joining fee) is charged to the parent/guardian for our help and advice.

While it’s fine for children aged five and over to eat the same healthy meals as you do while Food Optimising, younger children, especially under-twos, shouldn’t have reduced-fat dairy foods. It’s important to give them full-fat yogurts, spreads, milk and fromage frais so they get all the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

last updated: June 17, 2019