Do you have any advice for people who do a lot of activity/exercise?

It can be tricky deciding what to eat before embarking on a prolonged period of activity such as a marathon or hiking. Luckily when it comes to what to eat before the activity, having the classic carbohydrate rich meal the night before of pasta, rice or couscous (with Speed vegetables and lean meat or fish if you wish) is easily possible with Food Optimising. It’s also a great idea to having something like a bowl of porridge for breakfast, and a pre-exercise banana to give you a boost.

What you actually choose to do on the day of your activity is more subjective as some people don’t like to eat at all between workouts, whereas others prefer something after each session. If you’re one of the latter, good options include: sugary sweets, Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice cereal bars, bananas, and sports drinks (although making your own much lower Syn electrolyte drink with one teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt per 250ml water is just as good for hydration).

When we exercise we're doing microscopic damage to the muscles and to recover, our muscles need the building blocks of tissue (amino acids) to repair and rebuild themselves. These amino acids come from protein in the diet and therefore getting some protein after exercising is essential to help the body repair itself. Having a large chicken or tuna salad or some snack packs of lean sandwich meat available for immediately after your exercising will help your body to get over the exercise you have just done. Some members also like to use one of their Healthy Extra ‘a’ choices of milk to help rehydrate and also give a protein boost. Ideally you want to get this protein within 20-30 minutes of finishing your activity.

last updated: June 1, 2020