I’ve paid for a Countdown but not been to group. Why can’t I log in?

As LifelineOnline has been created to complement the support and help you receive in group, the last thing we want members to believe is that when they buy a Countdown course, they’re ‘buying’ access to LifelineOnline – it’s only available to attending members.

We understand there may be weeks when getting to group can be tricky, and whether a member pays a weekly fee or is on a Countdown, after every group they miss, when they log on to LifelineOnline they’ll see a friendly message encouraging them back to group. And after three weeks they’ll get a message letting them know that their access will be stopped if they don’t attend group the following week.

As long as members attend at least once in every four weeks, they’ll have access to the members’ site.

When you go back to group again, you’ll be able to access LifelineOnline again two or three days after you’ve attended (once your Consultant has sent the group attendance information to us at Head Office, which tells the website you’re back at group again).

last updated: June 17, 2019