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Roasted onion gravy

A delicately seasoned gravy made with roasted onions and herbs

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Hoisin sauce

This fragrant Chinese-style sauce is prefect for dipping, glazing or accompanying meat and vegetables.

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Peppercorn sauce

A delicious Free® version of an old-time favourite with whole pink and black peppercorns - perfect poured over a steak.

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Parsley sauce

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Fresh and lemony, this sauce goes perfectly with fish, potatoes and vegetables.

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Spicy tikka masala sauce

A great go-to for curries, and as an accompaniment to vegetables.

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Chip shop curry sauce

Creamy, moreish and perfect for serving with Slimming World chips.

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Creamy tomato sauce

Sweet tomatoes blended with garlic, sumptuous Greek yogurt and a hint of basil.

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