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I have yoyo’d with my weight all of my life and after getting married for the secon I became complacent. Once again my weight increased and I knew I needed to do something to lose weight for my health and wellbeing. I fully understand how easy it is for anyone to gain weight without realising. I cannot believe how easy Food Optimising is and how easy it can be adapted to anyone's lifestyle. I eat so much more now and still lose weight, but life continues and I am never deprived of the foods I love. Come along and discover the fun and friendly way to lose weight and feel great with Slimming World. We can’t wait to meet, support and motivate you all the way to your dream weight.


Ferryhill Sports & Education Centre

Lambton Road


County Durham

DL17 8TB


01740 657513

Group start times


  • 9:30am and 5:30pm

If you’re thinking of joining us don’t miss out! Come along at the advertised time to get everything you need for a fab first week. Your first session will last around 1½ hours and around 1 hour each week after that.