Marie at Victoria Community Enterprise

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Back in May 2013 weighing 18st I walked into my first group needing to lose 6 and a half stone to qualify for IVF. Fast forward to now with the help of Slimming World I’m now a mum to 2 boys after swapping kebabs for home cooked meals. I lost all of the weight and I’m a much healthier and happier person for it! I love Spag Bol as do my family. I decided to become a Consultant to help people reach their goals in life and reach their goal weight, I know what it takes to get there and I am 100% here to support you!


Victoria Community Enterprise

Victoria Methodist Church

Stafford Road


South Yorkshire

S2 2SE


07760 558348

Group start times


  • 9:30am, 5:30pm and 7:30pm

If you’re thinking of joining us don’t miss out! Come along at the advertised time to get everything you need for a fab first week. Your first session will last around 1½ hours and around 1 hour each week after that.