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Nutrition & Research team

Jacquie Lavin, MMedSci, PhD, RNutr

Head of Nutrition and Research

Jacquie Lavin

Jacquie has a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and completed a PhD in 1998.
Jacquie heads Slimming World’s Nutrition and Research team, whose activities include providing nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice, developing partnerships with the public health sector and leading an active research program both in-house and with external collaborators, as well as commissioning studies and providing expertise.
Slimming World's multi-million dollar research program provides the science and evidence base behind our weight management program.

Carolyn Pallister, BSc (Hons), RD

Public Health Manager

Carolyn Pallister

Carolyn joined Slimming World in 2006 having graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a first in Dietetics. She is responsible for developing and managing Slimming World's public health program including contributing to public health consultations, managing the ongoing health research program and developing information for health professionals, while also continuing to provide dietetic support to the referral service, working with health authorities.

Jenny Barber MSc, RNutr. (Public Health)


Jenny Allan

Jenny joined Slimming World in October 2008 with a masters in Public Health Nutrition. She works with the nutrition team helping to check all health and nutrition based literature published by Slimming World. In addition, she has a key role in reviewing the latest literature and guidelines on weight management and nutrition to ensure that Slimming World's policies and advice to members are always at the forefront of current nutrition research.

Alex Clark, MSc, ANutr


Alex Clark

Alex has a Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences from University of Nottingham. She joined Slimming World in December 2015 as a company nutritionist and supports the nutrition and public health team in ensuring all our health and dietary advice is continually up to date and in line with emerging best practice in weight management and current health and nutrition guidance. She also supports the continued development of our health-related policies and works alongside the Public Health Manager to develop information and resources for health professionals.

Evie Lovell, ANutr


Evie Lovell

Evie graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Leeds and having previously worked as a nutritionist in the hospitality sector joined the team here in 2018. In her current role Evie supports the development of new resources for Slimming World members, as well as working closely with other teams to ensure nutrition and health related information being put out into the public domain is up to date and accurate.

Jennifer Kent, MNutr, RD


Jennifer Kent

Jennifer graduated from the University of Nottingham with a first class masters in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2018. As a registered dietitian Jennifer works with the wider Nutrition, Health and Research team reviewing the latest scientific evidence base to keep Slimming World’s advice to group Consultants and members up-to date. Jennifer also has a role in supporting Slimming World’s ongoing research programme.

Amanda Avery PhD, RD

Consultant Dietitian in weight management

Amanda Avery

Amanda initially joined Slimming World on a part-time basis after project managing the Slimming World on Referral feasibility study. She worked in Southern Derbyshire for over 20 years as a community dietitian, with both a public health remit and as a clinician working in primary care, before moving to Nottingham University in 2009 where she is currently Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics.
While previously helping to develop the Slimming World on Referral program, Amanda's attention at Slimming World is now focused on helping to establish a growing body of evidence to support the role of commercial slimming organizations in providing weight management services.

Sarah Bennett, MSc, PhD

Research Associate

Sarah Bennett

After completing her Masters in Human Nutrition, Sarah gained her PhD in the Centre for Public Health at Queen's University, Belfast in 2015.
Sarah joined Slimming World in 2015, bringing with her a wealth of scientific and nutrition research expertise to support the successful coordination and delivery of research studies, working with academic collaborators and the in-house team.

Laura Holloway, MSc

Research Associate

Laura Holloway

Laura gained her Master’s degree in Health Psychology in 2010 and then embarked on a successful career in healthcare research, spanning the public and private sector.
Laura joined the research team in 2015, bringing a wealth of project management, qualitative and quantitative research experience and knowledge to support Slimming World’s extensive research portfolio.

Josef Toon, BSc (Hons), MBPsS

Data Analyst

Josef Toon

Joe gained his bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Health Studies in 2016, gaining a wealth of research experience as a research intern during his studies across various psychology research projects at De Montfort University. Joe joined the Nutrition and Research team as a Data Analyst in 2017, using his data handling skills across various research projects to ensure quality and accuracy of data collection and analysis. Joe also supports the team in carrying out literature reviews, planning research and creating scientific reports.

Partnerships team

Paul Sharpe

Business Development Manager

Paul Sharpe

Paul is responsible for the Partnerships Department, who deliver all of the many and varied patient referral schemes in operation. He brings extensive communications experience to the team, having worked in public, private and third sector roles. Building on the significant foundation of these pioneering patient referral schemes, Paul and the team are forging relationships with a new wave of partners to provide integrated public health services. In addition to this work, they are building expertise within the workplace health and wellbeing arena, demonstrating the positive impact that Slimming World is able to generate.

Rosie Coulton

Referral Scheme Manager

Rosie Coulton

Rosie joined Slimming World in March 2010 having previously worked for a government funded training provider as a Data Manager. She leads on implementation of new contracts ensuring we meet continuing contractual agreements and has over-arching responsibility for the account management of Slimming World on Referral Super Service & Partnership schemes. In addition, she leads on identifying and implementing opportunities for continuous improvement of our performance data reporting systems and supports a team of Account Coordinators to provide the highest quality customer service to both our group members and our wide-ranging public and private sector commissioners.

Lou Barlow

Lou Barlow

Lou joined the company in 2008 and has built up extensive experience of working with a wide range of health professionals to deliver proven outcomes. She is currently responsible for the account management of our Slimming World on Referral Super Service schemes, ensuring that we exceed our contractual agreements. Through regular review meetings with commissioners, she continuously drives forward the quality of service that we provide.

Zoe Darcy, BSc (Hons), RNutr (Public Health)

Zoe joined Slimming World in 2016 having previously worked for the NHS in Public Health Nutrition for 7 years. She has a first class degree in Human Nutrition and is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist. Zoe provides a high level of account management to a portfolio of standard and Super Service Slimming World on Referral schemes across the UK. She also works with Partnership Managers and external partners to identify new business.

Sabbah Janvier

Sabbah Janvier

Sabbah joined the Partnerships team in 2014, bringing with her several years of Public Sector Commissioning experience. Sabbah supports the growth and development of Slimming World on Referral in understanding and providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of Local Authorities, the NHS and other Public Health commissioners. Sabbah continues to build relationships with a diverse range of other providers to work in partnership with Slimming World to create effective integrated health partnerships drawing together expertise and experience to help Slimming World on Referral members achieve a range of health goals.

Joanne Allen

Joanne joined Slimming World in November 2015 having previously worked for a GP Federation. She has a number of years’ experience in the weight management sector, and now provides comprehensive support to employers in the private and public sector, to directly impact health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Penny Pavitt

Penny Pavitt

Penny joined the Partnership Team in 2014 after having worked as Data Management Team Leader for a work based training provider. Penny is responsible for managing the team of Partnership Co-Coordinators in the day to day operation of their schemes, ensuring that we provide to our customers the highest quality data reports and customer service. Penny is also currently responsible for invoicing within the department.

Catherine Hollingsworth

Catherine Hollingsworth

Catherine joined Slimming World in 2016 having worked previously in customer service and marketing roles. She is fully responsible for the day to day running of our Super Service schemes and their reporting processes, ensuring the required data is delivered to our partners in a timely manner. She also responds to telephone and email queries from scheme commissioners and members regarding their referrals.

Emma Larkin

Emma Larkin

Emma joined Slimming World in 2012 and is responsible for collating the latest performance data and patient satisfaction questionnaire responses to demonstrate our impact to commissioners. Emma co-ordinates community events ensuring that they are supported with representatives from the area and appropriate materials. She also liaises with our Consultants who run our groups to produce SWOR success stories to share with Public Health colleagues.

Sally Pienaar

Sally Pienaar

Sally joined Slimming World in 2016 and is responsible for supporting account managers with a number of Slimming World on Referral schemes within the UK, ensuring both patient and commissioner needs are met. She collates the latest data from various schemes to report back to commissioners, and administers the printing and delivery process of vouchers to new enhanced service members.

Sophie Whittaker

Sophie Whittaker

Sophie joined Slimming World in 2013 and is responsible for supporting a number of Slimming World on Referral standard schemes within the UK, ensuring both patient and commissioner needs are met. She is also responsible for collating the latest data to report back to the commissioners against pre-determined key performance indicators.

Slimming World groups have the expertise and experience to help in behaviour change. They are also another brick in the wall of social support that is necessary to tackle obesity in the UK.

Andy Hill, Professor of Medical Psychology, Leeds University School of Medicine