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Sian Ellis, a GP from the Vale of Glamorgan, decided to lose weight to set a healthier example to her patients. She joined Slimming World and has maintained her 4st 5lb* weight loss for almost 16 years, and has now been named Slimming World’s Diamond Member of the Year 2017.

“I first gained weight after the birth of my eldest son Huw. As a GP, I felt hypocritical giving advice on a healthy lifestyle when I was struggling with my weight myself. The real turning point came when a patient asked when my baby was due. I was mortified – I wasn’t pregnant and I had no idea what to say.”

“I joined my local Slimming World group and went on to reach my target. However, I made the mistake of thinking my journey was over, I stopped attending group and began regaining weight.”

After falling pregnant with twins, Sian said that finding the time to eat healthily became even more difficult and she soon found herself the heaviest she had been at almost 13st.

“I knew I needed to do something about it. A friend had mentioned she was going to Slimming World and, of course, I knew the plan worked, so I decided to give it another go.

When I reached my target for the second time, I knew that didn’t mean I’d stop attending Slimming World. "This time I knew I needed the support of my group to help maintain it. And even though I’ve been at target for almost 16 years, I still learn something new each week and going to group really helps to keep me on track. My children have grown up around me cooking healthy, filling meals from scratch and have seen their mum being active from a young age, so I think it’s set them up for happy and healthy lives themselves. Since I’ve lost weight I’ve started swimming and going to the gym, and I never feel breathless anymore.

“When I first lost the weight patients would ask me how I did it and I’d tell them all about Slimming World. Now many of my patients have only ever known me as a slim person, so they’re quite shocked that I used to struggle with my weight too!
“I can’t recommend Slimming World highly enough to my patients”

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