Raspberry Eton mess

A light-as-a-feather summer dessert at its berry best

  • PREP
    15 minutes, plus chilling
  • COOK


  • 1 level tbsp sweetener
  • 800g raspberries, reserving a few to decorate
  • 525g any no-added-sugar, fat-free vanilla yogurt
  • 4 ready-made meringue nests, broken up 
  • Mint leaves, to decorate


  1. Put the sweetener and half the raspberries in a blender and whizz until smooth.
  2. Push the purée through a fine sieve (optional) and then divide half of it between 4 dessert bowls.
  3. Layer the yogurt, meringue, remaining raspberry purée and almost of all the whole raspberries.
  4. Chill for 30 minutes.
  5. Decorate with the remaining raspberries and the mint leaves.

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