What’s in your advent calendar?

The countdown to Christmas really is on once those advent-calendar doors start opening, and if you’re a Christmas fan you’ll be thrilled that the big day’s nearly here!


As a slimmer, navigating the challenges of the festive season can seem daunting. It’s often where that little voice pops up, saying: 'No point in going for a loss this week, with the Christmas party/work meal/mums’ do coming up.’

What if we told you that you absolutely can enjoy all these events and lose weight? Because you really can! And if that’s what you truly, deeply want – then we’ll give you all the support you need to do it.

Whatever strategy you choose to help you through the festive season, continuing to visit group is the very best way to see you right into January and start the New Year feeling calm, confident and beautifully in control!

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, there’ll be loads of help in group and online to handle all sorts of festive challenges, so you’re prepared for anything – from boozy work-dos and party buffets to Christmas shopping trips with all those tempting street-market treats.

Whether or not December brings a chocolate-a-day in your advent calendar, don’t put your weight loss off until New Year – start 2019 on a high and begin your journey today!

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