Show your real smile for World Photo Day

Sunday 19th August is World Photo Day, so we’re encouraging Slimming World members to get snap-happy to celebrate their success. Join us and start your journey towards loving life in front of the lens!

A story we hear so often from members is that an unflattering photo spurred them into weight loss action, and was the catalyst for joining Slimming World. Michelle Harriott lost nearly 6st after a holiday snap encouraged her to confront her creeping weight gain.

‘I still keep the photo that started it all. I was on holiday with my parents in Northern Ireland and we’d spent a beautiful day strolling along the Causeway coast. As we sat on the sofa that evening, I was excited to see the pictures – until I saw the one of me on the cliffs, and my heart sank. I looked so much bigger than I’d imagined.’ Michelle Harriott, lost 5st 10lbs 

Happily, Slimming World can be the key to turning that photo fear around! Taking regular photos is a great way to track your weight loss progress. It’s easy to overlook the steady changes to your body, but comparing an old photo with a recent one can be a real ‘wow’ moment.

Once you’ve learned to love the camera – and learned that the camera loves you – you can enjoy capturing those precious life moments that are a joy to look back on. Lindsay James was so unhappy with her original wedding photos that she decided to do it all again – only this time she’d be wearing the dress of her dreams instead of a tunic and trousers.

‘As we posed for the pictures, me in my ivory fishtail gown, I felt more beautiful than I could ever remember. It couldn’t have been more different from our wedding day 10 years before, when I refused to wear a dress, or even invite guests.’ Lindsay James, lost 6st 3½lbs 

Slimming World can help you lose weight and feel confident in front of the camera. Find your nearest group or join Slimming World online, and start practising your best camera-ready smile.


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