Slimming World student special - Lose weight, with NO lectures!

Slimming World student special

Weight management before, during and after pregnancy.

If you’re studying at college or university at the moment, and that first taste of freedom – to shop for yourself, to cook whatever you fancy and to go to the Union bar at any time of the day or night – has brought with it a tightening waistband as well as a tightening budget, look no further for a cost-effective, healthy and delicious solution!

According to a recent survey, the average student gains two stone in the first year of university. By the end of their time at university, nearly two-thirds of those who said they gained weight had put on between 1st and 5st.

Getting you through those uni years

We understand how being away from home, eating on a budget, takeaway temptation and the stress of exams can all make it hard – nigh on impossible – to manage your weight. Slimming World is here to help! Our filling, easy to follow eating plan helps you lose weight without ever going hungry – and without breaking the bank. At our friendly weekly groups, you'll find lots of inspiration and support to help you get fit and healthy during your uni days – and stay that way for life! If you can’t make it to one of our supportive weekly groups we have a unique alternative – Slimming World Online.

Vicky Davies

Many successful members, including Vicky Davies, attended a Slimming World group and Food Optimised during their studies. Vicky told us, "they call it the Fresher 15 – when you put on 15lbs in your first year at university – but, to be honest, I easily gained double that!"

"I had always been ‘curvier’ than my friends and I steadily put on more weight from the age of 16. When it came to the end of that first year, though, I knew that if people were going to describe our group of friends it would be ‘the blonde one, the brunette one… and the big one’. If the girls were going for a night out on the town, I’d hardly ever join them, because I couldn’t find anything to wear that I felt nice in. I had no self-confidence and I’d get out of breath just walking round the hilly streets in Sheffield."

I knew then I had to do something, and that I couldn’t do it on my own. A friend of my mum’s had been successful with Slimming World, so at the end of my first year at uni Mum and I decided to go to group. I'd lost 2st by the time I went back to university!

Read Vicky’s full story

Find your nearest group today and start next term feeling first-class! And... if you're aged 11-15 you can join Slimming World for free*. Find out more about our Free2Go plan *when accompanied by a fee paying parent/guardian

student success

After losing 5st 11lbs Paige is top of the class having been named Slimming World Young Slimmer of the Year 2013.

student success

Second-year university student Tom Jones, has turned his life around after losing 5 stone 2½lbs. He's confident, carefree and ready to take on the world!

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Student success

Student success.