Handling a hangover - the Food Optimising way!

We’ve no doubt all been there – pounding head, carpet-like tongue, waves of nausea and sweaty palms (not forgetting flashbacks of cringe-worthy karaoke-crooning!). Hangovers are undoubtedly nature’s way of letting us know when we’ve gone a bit overboard with the booze.

There are loads of low-Syn alcoholic drinks that are great choices for Food Optimisers, however, low-Syn doesn’t mean hangover-free! Being hungover can play havoc with our slimming campaign as we grab those greasy fry-ups and settle for stodge in our delicate state.

Food Optimising doesn’t mean you have to be teetotal! We’ve got all the tools, tips and advice for coping with the morning after.

What causes a hangover?

  • The type of drink you choose can have a big effect on whether you suffer the next day. Darker drinks such as whisky, beer, brandy and red wine are more likely to cause a hangover than clear drinks such as white wine, gin and vodka (25ml vodka or gin is 3 Syns, 175ml dry white wine is 6 Syns).  Some drinks, eg alcopops also have added artificial colourings and flavourings which contribute to a hangover.
  • Drinking on an empty stomach means the liver won’t function as well. Eating a meal containing lots of Free Foods before you go out will ensure you have a balanced foundation before drinking, plus the alcohol will be absorbed more slowly in the stomach.
  • Drinking plenty of water (preferably one glass of water to each glass of alcohol) before going to bed will help reverse the dehydrating effects of the alcohol. Reaching for the strong coffee might be a popular 'cure', but it can add to your dehydration making your hangover worse!

Comfort foods

There are so many yummy comforting Free Foods that there’s really no need to go off track with a greasy hangover cure! What about these deliciously devilish combinations…

  • Slimming World’s Free chips with a Healthy Extra 'a' choice portion (30g) of cheddar and shredded spring onions melted all over them, mmmmm!
  • A toasted crumpet (4½ Syns) piled high with lean bacon, mushrooms and egg fried in low calorie oil spray. 
  • 6 Laughing Cow Extra Light triangles (Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) spread onto a packet of cheese and onion flavour Ryvita mini bites (5½ Syns or Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice) or use quark (skimmed milk soft cheese) for Free!
  • Fishfinger sandwich – 3 fishfingers (average grilled 2 Syns each) between Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice wholemeal bread. Squidge it together with a dollop of ketchup (1 level tbsp is 1 Syn).

How alcohol can impact on your weight

A recent Slimming World study found that when drinking alcohol, most of us have a tipping point after which we go on to eat and drink much more than we intended – leading us to consume up to 6,300 extra calories in food and alcohol over the next two days. 

Take our quiz and work out your tipping point. 

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