I’m a vegan – is Slimming World suitable for me?

Absolutely! Unlike many other eating plans or diets, the generosity and flexibility of Food Optimising means it’s suitable for practically every dietary requirement or preference. Food Optimising allows you to choose what you eat from all the vegetables, grains, pulses, pastas, rice and beans you can possibly imagine! Add soya products, fruit, non-dairy cheese, milk and yogurt, nuts and seeds and you’ll find that Food Optimising is a vegan’s dream.

If you join a Slimming World group, your Consultant will be happy to help you incorporate any personal requirements into your plan.

If you join Slimming World Online, let us know about your dietary preferences when you join; that way you’ll only see suitable recipes when you search our database. Take a look at our feature ‘Food Optimising with a vegan diet’ for a fab 7-day menu that’s been tailored to your preferences (please note, this is only available on the website, not the app). 

last updated: December 15, 2020