I'd like to know more about the Slimming World club rules

Congratulations for taking this exciting first step on your weight loss journey, one that will be packed with care, kindness, friendship, support and success! This page will help answer some of the burning questions you might have, and it gives our promise to you – how your Consultant, your fellow members in group and Slimming World will help you achieve your dream weight.

We all know that eating healthily is the best way to lose weight and that being more active is brilliant for our health too – however, here at Slimming World, we know it's not that simple. Our generous Food Optimising plan and lifestyle activity programme Body Magic will help you make healthy changes that will last a lifetime. However it's the support you'll receive each and every week in your group that will guarantee your lasting success.

We call that powerfully motivating support session IMAGE Therapy and it stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience. It's where you and your friends will share experiences, swap ideas for the week ahead and develop strategies to overcome old habits that could be slowing down your weight loss. It's the Slimming World difference – miss it, and you'll miss out.

We hope you're raring to get started, and in these first few days – as well as getting to know Food Optimising inside out – it's important that you know some of the ‘ground rules’ we have – to seal your commitment, to make sure you get the best and most consistent service and to help you achieve the weight losses you'd love. So please have a good read and ask your Consultant if you have any questions.




We promise you that...



You will always be treated with respect, kindness and care.

By staying to group, you'll be part of a powerful support system – you'll support others, and be supported.

In group, you'll get the help you want to make changes for lifelong success.

Your Consultant will always care about your success – sometimes more than you care about it yourself.

You'll set your own weight loss goals, and during IMAGE Therapy you'll be encouraged to think deeply about the changes you're willing to make to achieve them.


Is Slimming World safe for everyone?


In a word: yes! We do ask that you take responsibility for making sure there aren't any medical or health reasons you shouldn't lose weight or become more active – and if in doubt, check with your GP. Always follow the dietary and medical advice given by your health care team. If you ever feel unwell while you're exercising, stop the activity immediately and check it out with your doctor.

Your wellbeing is important, and to support you with the right guidance we do ask for some information about your health.


  • If you have an eating disorder, or if you're concerned that you may have had an eating disorder, please let your Consultant know and consult your doctor for advice.

  • If you've had weight loss surgery, please let your Consultant know. We ask that you get approval from your health practitioner that it's appropriate for you to attend Slimming World and follow Food Optimising.



For mums-to-be and new mums: Food Optimising is a safe and healthy way to manage your weight during pregnancy and when your little one arrives. If you're expecting, we'll ask you to obtain the support of your midwife (your Consultant can give you the right form). If you've recently had a baby please discuss with your midwife, doctor or health visitor before joining or returning to Slimming World. Likewise, if you're breastfeeding, please discuss with your doctor or health visitor before joining or returning to Slimming World.


Young members: 11-15 year olds are very welcome at Slimming World, and attend for free. To join Slimming World, young members must have the signed consent and be accompanied by the parent or guardian who is responsible for their meals at home. (If the accompanying adult isn't a member we charge a reduced weekly fee.) The focus is on healthy eating and behaviour changes, rather than weight loss, with plenty of praise and encouragement as they develop a new healthier lifestyle.


16 and 17-year-old members: On turning 16-years-old, members no longer need the signed consent of their parents and they can attend without a parent or guardian. Because many of our 16 and 17-year-old members are at school or college, they attend for a reduced weekly fee.


Members who have diabetes: We're thrilled that so many of our members who have diabetes have been delighted with the life-changing results they've achieved while Food Optimising – losing weight and helping to manage their diabetes too. Many members are able to reduce medication levels or are free from medication altogether after they've lost weight successfully with Food Optimising. If you have diabetes please let your Consultant know (they'll give you a free copy of our booklet: Your diabetes lifestyle with Slimming World). It's important that you keep your diabetes heath care team informed of your weight loss progress, as this may affect your medication, and always follow their advice.


What if I don't lose weight?


We promised you will. Because we're so very confident that, followed correctly 100%, Food Optimising will generate a weight loss, we offer a money back guarantee covering the first four weeks of your membership. If you really don't lose any weight in your first four weeks and as long as:


  • you attended the group, stayed for IMAGE Therapy and Food Optimised for each of your first four weeks and

  • you faithfully recorded your food and drink in your four official food diaries, and handed these in to your Consultant each week for your first four weeks

  • please talk to your Consultant who'll make a claim on your behalf. Your Consultant will need your New Member Pack, your first four food diaries and a letter from you requesting a refund.


Because our money back guarantee is all about weight loss, it doesn't extend to:


  • members who are pregnant

  • young (Free2Go) members

  • members who have recently followed a very low calorie diet

  • members who lose weight in their first four weeks then regain weight (or gain and then re-lose weight) so at the end of four weeks they weigh the same or more than their start weight

  • members who have been given medical advice that they're unlikely to lose weight


A bit more small print!


Your Consultant is a self-employed franchisee running their own business under a licence from us. Slimming World and your Consultant will use your personal information to help you to lose weight and then maintain your weight loss – and this information will always be kept safe and private. You can read more in our privacy policy here.

To protect members’ privacy, we ask that you don't take photos or record videos in group. Your Consultant will always ask for members’ permission before taking photographs or video (for example, at a member competition) and sharing them publicly.


If you ever experience any difficulties with your Consultant (although we hope this never happens!), please speak to them about it first if you feel comfortable to do so. Otherwise, our Customer Services team at Slimming World Head Office are on hand to help. You can call (+44) 01773 546360 or email: group.customerservice@slimmingworld.co.uk. Please have your membership card number to hand if you call us, or quote it on any email correspondence.


Just as we promise that you'll be treated with kindness and care by your Consultant, we want our members to treat each other with respect and kindness too. To make sure our groups are safe, welcoming and inspiring places to be, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership if ever we feel it's in our members’ and our Consultant's best interest.


Each week, as you get weighed, please confirm your weight change by looking at the digital scales. If there's ever a discrepancy between the reading and the weight recorded in your book, please let your Consultant know so that they can correct your records. If you remain concerned please contact Customer Services on (+44) 01773 546360 or in writing so that they can look into this important issue for you.


We reserve the right to change group fees from time to time. We endeavour to always deliver excellent value for money.


If we're ever concerned that members aren't receiving the level of service we promise, we will do our utmost to support the Consultant to turn that around and bring the level of service up to the high standard we promise.


While we endeavour to keep every Slimming World group open 52 weeks of the year, we reserve the right to close a group at any time, without liability to the member. If a group should ever close, you'll be offered an alternative group when one becomes available, and you won't have to re-join or pay back fees. Alternatively, we'll be happy to transfer your membership to our Slimming World Online service.



We hope you're excited to get started. If you have any other questions, please do chat to your Consultant – if they can't help, they'll know someone who can!


All that's left for us to say is... a huge heartfelt welcome to the most exciting journey of your life – together we'll achieve amazing things.

last updated: June 17, 2019