Can I give up smoking and still lose weight?

If you’d love to give up smoking without gaining weight or putting your weight loss on hold, we can help you stop and slim...

1. Our Food Optimising eating plans allow you to fill up on healthy, satisfying Free Food whenever you’re tempted to reach for a cigarette

2. Unique group support gives vital encouragement to keep your weight loss on track

3. Our Body Magic programme helps you to get active.

This unique combination helps you succesfully overcome the common danger zones associated with giving up smoking and achieve a healthy weight too.

Danger zone 1: your new-found love of food!
Many smokers find their appetite increases when they stop smoking and they enjoy their food much more. At Slimming World we’ll help you to fill your plate with tasty Free Food at any time of the day to keep you satisfied and boost your energy levels. Fancy a plate of eggs, chips and beans, a ham sandwich or a Sunday roast with trimmings? Then go right ahead!

Top Tip: Treat your freshly awoken tastebuds to a host of flavours: Thai curries, vegetable chilli, barbecued meats and more.

Danger zone 2: reaching for snacks instead of cigarettes
It can be tempting to replace the urge for a cigarette with reaching for the nearest chocolate bar. At Slimming World we help members to plan for these moments by making healthier choices. You can enjoy guilt-free eating whenever you want by replacing your cigarette with quick Free Food snacks or meals.

Top Tip: Identify your own risky times: Would you miss your cigarette at the end of the meal? Is it a visit to the pub that would sabotage you? Being prepared for these moments and having a strategy can help you to get over them quickly.

Danger zone 3: cravings
Overcoming cravings can be the hardest part of giving up smoking and can leave you feeling miserable. That’s exactly when you might turn to comfort eating. At Slimming World you’ll discover all the help and support you need to overcome food cravings. The good news is that the techniques used by slimmers to lose weight can be successfully adopted by smokers too. And we’ve got loads of ideas to share.

Top Tip: Latest research shows that exercise can help! A 15 minute stroll can help put cravings off for a couple of hours, so you quit and get fit at the same time!

last updated: June 17, 2019