I've forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

If you're having problems logging in and you can't remember your password, the best place to start is to reset your password. 

Here's how to do this... 

  • From the Slimming World homepage click on the Log in link as normal.
  • On the Sign in page click on the Forgot your password link. 
  • You'll be asked to type in the email address you registered with and when you click on the Submit button we will send you an email which includes a link to reset your password.  
  • When you receive the email just click on the Confirm password reset link and then choose a new password for your account.  
  • Now you've reset your password, try logging in again with the new details.  

What if I don't receive a password reset email? 

If you don't get a password reset message from us this could be for a few reasons – perhaps you didn't register with the email address you entered, or there could be a spelling mistake in the email address. If you think this could have happened, double check your email address details and try resetting your password again. 

If you don't receive a password reset message from us within 24 hours please do contact our support team. 

last updated: July 9, 2020