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The missing link between alcohol and obesity

Slimmers who set ambitious targets lose twice as much weight, research finds - 28/12/2016

For years public health guidance has suggested that slimmers set themselves a... (continue)

Weight concerns are a six-year secret for overweight men - 01/12/2016

Many overweight men may be suffering in silence as they keep their weight wor... (continue)

Weight fears could cost smokers almost a year of life – and £19,000! - 30/10/2016

Smokers are delaying their quit attempts by an average of 7.5 years – during ... (continue)

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With around 40 million overweight and obese adults in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, leading to an increase in weight-related conditions including diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer, never before has the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and moderate regular activity been so key to the health of the nation.

Since Slimming World was founded in 1969, we have helped millions of slimmers overcome the burden of being overweight. Based on the philosophy and deep understanding that dieting alone is not the solution to long-term weight management, Slimming World offers an integrated approach combining expertise in the psychology of slimming, diet and physical activity, to provide an effective, well balanced and practical solution to our members.

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Slimming World groups have the expertise and experience to help in behaviour change. They are also another brick in the wall of social support that is necessary to tackle obesity in the UK.

Andy Hill, Professor of Medical Psychology, Leeds University School of Medicine