Your weight after pregnancy

It’s advisable to check with your midwife or GP before attempting to lose weight or starting to exercise after the birth of your baby.

If you do want to lose excess weight, then choosing a healthy eating plan while keeping active is recommended. Finding something that fits with your new lifestyle might be the easiest option…

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Above all, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s important to remember that any excess weight gained during pregnancy occurred over nine months for the most fabulous reason, and it’s important to be realistic about how quickly you might lose the weight and not to put pressure on yourself to spring back into your pre-pregnancy jeans.

If you’re already thinking about expanding your family and having another baby in the future, its a good aim to try to achieve your ideal weight in the interim, so that you’re starting your next pregnancy at a healthy weight.

Seek out some support and motivation

If you’re trying to lose weight, then accessing support can make it that much easier. Find the support that works for you – whether that’s a friend to buddy up with and work on things together; accessing an online support programme; or going along to a supportive weight management group like Slimming World.

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Also consider the help you can get at home – someone who’ll listen to the challenges you’re facing when making healthy changes and, importantly, someone to share your successes with.

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