‘As well as an amazing loss, I had something else to celebrate – a positive pregnancy test’

Deborah Adams’ 10½st* weight loss journey has been truly remarkable. Read her inspirational story…

Deborah Adams, 38

  • LOST
    10st 6lbs




‘I felt lonely and depressed after the birth of my daughter Gemma – I was 10st overweight and had low self-esteem. My weight and size affected me at work because I felt unable to be the person I wanted to be – lack of self-worth really held me back.

I struggled to walk as my mobility was badly affected by arthritis and back pain. I was so ashamed that I’d let myself get so big. I longed for a second baby, but my GP told me I’d never have one unless I lost weight, adding harshly, “but you won’t be able to”.

I tried everything to slim down, even pills. Initially I'd lose weight but I'd always put it back on, plus some more. I joined Slimming World in the hope that weight loss would help me conceive again and prove my doctor wrong!

I felt very nervous at the thought of walking into a strange place, thinking people would point and laugh. I couldn’t have been more wrong. On my first night, the welcome I received was warm, friendly and genuine. At the door I met my Consultant, Donna, who made me feel completely at ease.

Slimming World changed the way I thought about food, slowly building my confidence so I could make the right choices to lose weight and be healthy and, most of all, to stay that way.

I discovered that I could eat real food – even a full English breakfast, cooked using low-calorie cooking spray instead of regular oil – and still lose weight. I lost 1st 8lbs in my first month, yet Id never eaten more pasta and potatoes in my life! After 15 months, I’d lost 6st 7lbs and had something else to celebrate – a positive pregnancy test!

With my midwife's support, I carried on at Slimming World throughout my pregnancy and put on just 7lbs, all of which came off when Lucy was born. We now eat healthily as a family and I feel like I’m giving my girls the best start in life.

Since losing 10½st I've really enjoyed walking; I no longer get sore, bleeding legs. I can play with the girls, take them swimming and help teach Lucy to ride her bike. We’ve recently been on our first pony trek and we love family activity holidays.

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose.

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