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Family Affair

At Slimming World we’ve always understood the need to be flexible and family-friendly and we call this our Family Affair approach whereby members can take healthy habits home and lay positive foundations for the whole family.

Family influence is a key factor in children’s eating habits and exercise routines. We encourage the whole family to make healthy lifestyle changes and we help parents to support their children in making these changes too. In fact, our research shows that 77% of Slimming World members say that within just three months of joining group, their children were eating more healthily, and 41% of our members who’ve increased activity through our Body Magic programme have encouraged their family to be more active too.

Because our Food Optimising eating plan and Body Magic activity programme are based on the current government healthy lifestyle guidance, it can support all members of the family to adopt healthy habits. In fact, we know that many of our members already cook Food Optimising meals for the whole family to enjoy, and Family Affair will support more members and give them the reassurance that our approach is/can be suitable for the whole family.

Whilst it wouldn’t be suitable for the whole family to follow the Food Optimising eating plan in full, we have a set of resources for parents and guardians to support them in helping their children to make healthier lifestyle choices. We have our new Family Affair booklet which complements all the ideas, shared experiences and support our members receive each week, including age-appropriate food swaps and nutrition know-how. There’s also a host of member resources available online tackling some of the trickier topics around families and children, discussing weight and activity for children of all ages, as well as a wide range of family friendly recipes. We also have our Family Affair app which members can log into for top food and activity swaps, and recipe ideas to share with their children at home.

If you’d like to view a copy of our new Family Affair booklet, please email public.health@slimmingworld.co.uk

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