Healthy eating tips

Being a new parent can be overwhelming and very tiring, so trying to follow a healthy, balanced diet at this time can be a challenge.

You may sometimes feel like you’ve barely got enough energy to get through the day, let alone spend hours in the kitchen preparing healthy meals. Here are some tips that other new mums have shared:

  • Opt for simple recipes that are quick to prepare (we’ve included some speedy recipe ideas here).
  • Choose recipes that can be prepared in larger quantities, then freeze extra portions for another day (try a tasty chilli).
  • If family and friends are keen to help, take up their offer of a home-cooked meal once in a while.
  • Keep your fridge and fruit bowl full of healthy snacks so you’ve always got something handy to satisfy you when a snack attack hits (try mini kebabs made with cherry tomatoes, rolled up turkey/ham, cubes of cucumber and squares of pepper or fruit kebabs for a handy fruit salad on a stick!).
  • If you’re out for lunch and looking for a healthier choice, opt for a jacket potato topped with baked beans and a salad on the side. If pre-prepared sandwiches are on the menu, choose fillings like chicken, ham, tuna, salmon, sliced egg and salad (just keep an eye on the mayo and dressings).

More tips and suggestions on healthy eating

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