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Maintaining weight loss

We offer free maintenance sessions to members once they have reached their personal achievement target and stay within ± 3lbs of this agreed weight.

Although we advise members on the recommended healthy weight range/BMI, the target is set by the member and not by Slimming World - thus increasing commitment to that target. At any point in time around 10% of our membership is regularly attending free of charge as target members.

Target members do not have to attend on a weekly basis but can attend as they feel appropriate in order to maintain their weight loss. Our target members contribute to the group dynamics by assisting in supporting the new members to lose weight.

Weight loss goals

  • Members’ weights are kept confidential
  • Members are encouraged to set sensible and realistic goals for long-term success
  • Members choose their own Personal Achievement Targets for weight loss, both short-term and long-term, when, and if, they feel ready to do so
  • Members are supported in maintaining their weight loss by the offer of free life membership when personal targets are reached
  • Members are initially encouraged to focus on losing and maintaining a 10% loss of body weight, highlighting the health benefits of modest amounts of weight loss


Healthy eating

BMI Calculator

Our healthy eating plan empowers members to make healthier choices, satisfy their appetites and lose weight.
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Behaviour change

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Our unique group support system avoids any criticism, control or judgement.
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Body Magic

Our programme was developed in collaboration with government advisor Professor Ken Fox. Find out more here…