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How does it work?

Slimming World on Referral gives GPs, nurses and other health professionals the opportunity to offer free membership of a local Slimming World group to those patients who they feel would benefit. Referred patients attend at no cost to themselves for an initial agreed period (in multiples of 12 weeks blocks); the cost to the commissioner is subsidised by Slimming World, where all weight loss resources are provided.

Our standard Slimming World on Referral package consists of weekly group weight management sessions plus additional support (telephone, buddy system and free online support) in between group meetings as required by individuals. The standard package covers blocks of 12 consecutive weeks attendance. Continuation packages are available should you wish to offer an extension of the service to some patients.

The service operates via a simple referral form system. These are pre-purchased by the commissioner. Patients are provided with a referral form by a health professional (typically a GP, nurse, midwife or Health Trainer) and these are redeemed at a local Slimming World group. The patient is able to choose the most convenient Slimming World group to attend from a list of local groups. The group Consultants contact details are also available should the patient wish to talk to them before attending- no booking is required.

Patients referred to the scheme will:

  • Keep a personal log of their weight changes at each weekly session
  • Record all their food intake for the first 4 weeks, thereafter being able to elect whether to record all food intake or just measure intake of the controlled foods
  • Record their activity on a ‘Fit Log’ if they choose to use this tool - self reporting their activity levels to qualify for the range of awards

Data is routinely collected and reported back to the referring body so that patients progress can be monitored. We are able to create bespoke data reports, to ensure that key areas of interest to the commissioner are monitored.

Many bodies are now using Slimming World on Referral to offer a weight loss management programme to a particular patient group e.g. people with diabetes, expectant mothers, patients identified as being at risk of developing heart disease / kidney disease / stroke or type 2 diabetes. We are more than happy to work with you to personalise our service to your specific patient needs.

We have had a good working relationship with Slimming for several years. Slimming World responds to queries promptly and efficiently, and provides timely and structured reports prior to contract review meetings. They are proactive in their outreach and are fully engaged with local public health events.

Louise Lam, Registered Dietitian and Public Health Obesity Lead for the London Borough of Bexley.