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The Slimming World community of Blackpool decided to do something extra special to celebrate our golden anniversary year. They had a dream to see their famous landmark tower shining gold and, in true Slimming World style, they made that dream come true.

Blackpool Consultant (South Shore Tennis Club group) Natalie Meadows tells us more about their incredible golden moment:

“Last year I saw Blackpool’s Lytham Windmill lit up blue for World Diabetes Day. That sparked the idea to light up a landmark for Slimming World, but I was determined to go even bigger! Of course, Blackpool Tower is our resort’s biggest and most iconic landmark, so I started to investigate whether it would be possible. After lots of emails, I got the answer that I was waiting for – a very exciting yes! Even better, the tower agreed to hold the event on 27 Sept, the perfect day to celebrate Slimming World’s 50th birthday.

I was thrilled, but I knew it would be a huge task to get the word out. I started emailing every local business, local media – everyone I could think of to make Blackpool’s birthday celebration a real success. What made the most impact, however, was our Slimming World Community – and not just local Consultants and members. Slimming World stars up and down the country were talking about our birthday plans (and their friends and family too)!”

“When the big night came, there was a real buzz in Blackpool. The weather had been terrible during the day, but that didn’t stop the Slimming World community from coming together on the promenade and shouting out a countdown to 7pm. It was a truly amazing moment when the tower suddenly lit up in all its golden glory, shining out into the dark. Despite the cold, members gathered in a heart under the tower to chat and share stories – we even sang happy birthday to Slimming World! I was blown away by how much everyone came together in true Slimming World spirit.

Slimming World has totally changed my life. I was in a wheelchair when I joined and hadn’t worked for 15 years. My life was all about chronic pain and hospital stays, but losing weight and a pioneering treatment (that I needed to lose weight to be eligible for) changed all that. For me, Slimming World is not just about weight loss. The members became my support system, and I was very lucky to be able to take over my own group as a Consultant. My supportive Slimming World family are still all there for me and each other, and I just wanted the whole world to know how amazing Slimming World is! ❤️💛”

Well you definitely achieved that Natalie as the golden tower could be seen for miles around! A huge thank you from Slimming World for making that incredible dream come true. Another big thank you has to go to Derek Wookey (a very supportive husband to a local Slimming World member) for taking and allowing us to share his fantastic photos – how did you get that high up, Derek?!

It was an especially fitting way to celebrate our golden anniversary as we love a bit of sparkle at Slimming World. If you feel the same then maybe a trip to the Vegas of the north to see the Illuminations is on the cards? Blackpool’s Golden Mile (between the north and south piers) will be lit up until 3 Nov. Skip the tram and walk this seaside stretch and you’ll clock up some truly BRILLIANT Body Magic too!

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