Two great ways

to reach your dream weight

At Slimming World we have two types of membership to help you discover the slimmer you…

Join a

virtual group

(temporary service)

    In our warm and friendly virtual Slimming World groups, you’ll get all the friendship, support and inspiration you need on your weight loss journey. As a Slimming World Virtual Service member you’ll also have access to:

  • A friendly, highly trained Consultant – who has been a member themselves – to support you through your weight loss journey
  • The chance to set your own weight loss target
  • Help and advice, not just in your virtual group, but during the week too
  • Free online access to our members-only website for support and inspiration including hundreds of recipes and our brand-new online shop
  • The Slimming World app – for extra mid-week support, plus meal planning and tracking tools
  • Free lifetime membership when you reach your target weight
  • The promise of no humiliation or judgement – just care, support and encouragement

How much does it cost?

The Slimming World Virtual Service costs just £2.50 a week, and £5 for new members to join. New members pay £5 on week one. Contact your Consultant to find out more

...or join our fresh digital service


    Lose weight online with our fresh and intuituve digital service. At home, at work, at your fingertips, at your convenience! What you’ll get...

  • The chance to set your own weight loss target – we’ll help you get there and we’ll celebrate alongside you with awards galore
  • The opportunity to lose weight together with the support, inspiration and friendship of an online community full of slimmers just like you
  • Hundreds of delicious and easy recipes, plus menu plans
  • Our new Planner app, which allows you to search for Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns, plus plan and track your meals
  • An activity programme to help you get fit for life – at your own pace – with your own tracker and awards
  • Tailored support and motivation based on your personal progress
  • Live chat support for our new members to help you through tricky times

How much does it cost?

Just£20per month

Moving from group to online?

If you’re a group member who would like to move your membership to Slimming World Online, please contact your Consultant to find out more.