Find out more about Slimming World Online

Slimming World Online is based on the same principles as our groups: our no-hunger plan; a simple activity programme, and unbeatable support

Every week we’ll ask you to weigh in (in the privacy of your own home) and we’ll be there, along with your supportive online community, to celebrate your amazing weight losses. We’ll also mark every milestone with awards and even more congratulations!

What you get online...

Interactive chat support

Our online support team is here to offer all our members advice, tips and guidance. The team have lost weight themselves with Slimming World so can empathise with you as well as providing practical help.

A world of support

Chat to your fellow slimmers in our Community — they’ll celebrate your successes with you and support you through the tricky times.

Guidance through your first 12-weeks

Enjoy a structured start to your weight loss, taking you step-by-step to slimming success.


Celebrate your amazing weight losses in our Hall of Fame! And scoop up Body Magic awards as you move towards a more active lifestyle.

Personalised support

Whenever you log on, your personalised homepage will show the weight loss you've achieved. You can also view, celebrate and share your progress and we’ll help you set goals and get motivated for the week ahead.

An easy way to track your progress

Plan your meals in advance and keep tabs on your activity with the Slimming World Planner (available as an app and on the web). Add Slimming World recipes directly to your Planner with one click and use our Food search for on-the-go access to Free Food, Healthy Extras and Syns info.

Slimming Worldinspiration

Maryanne Tank lost 3st 11lbs with Slimming World Online

‘I use the website every day to get new recipe inspiration, and I find the app really handy for looking up Syns. I love the success stories - they make me feel so positive. I also get a boost from looking at my progress and seeing how far I’ve come.’

Slimming Worldinspiration

Ann Hayes lost 3st 3lbs with Slimming World Online

‘Being able to join as an online member was important to me as I simply didn’t have the confidence to go to group. I use the website to keep me on track and I find the articles, success stories and recipes really useful and motivating. I feel totally in control of my own slimming journey.’

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