Weight loss programme

motivation and support

A friendly and super-supportive group is the very best place to learn how to understand yourself as a slimmer and achieve your dream target. Here’s what your very first group has in store...

A warm welcome, kindness and care

As soon as you walk through the doors of a Slimming World group, you’ll be greeted by your Consultant and a group of really friendly people, all at various stages of their slimming journey. People who truly ‘get it’, who’ll listen, understand, and who’ll inspire you through the great times, and the trickier ones.

During your first half an hour your Consultant will talk you through Food Optimising – our generous, flexible eating plan. Then, if you love what you’ve heard (and we’re sure you will), take a seat – the best is yet to come.

Personalised group support

We understand that losing weight isn’t always plain sailing. To change lifelong habits, we have to look deep within ourselves – which is so much easier with the right support.

That’s why each week in IMAGE Therapy (which stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience), you’ll get personalised support, share recipes, ideas and strategies to keep you highly motivated and on track as you build your knowledge of Food Optimising and our Body Magic activity programme. It’s based on Slimming World’s deep understanding of the psychology of slimming and we’ve helped millions of people make lasting changes.

You’re never alone

Afterwards you’ll be invited to weigh in and set your dream target – the weight you’d love to be. Never forget, in a Slimming World group your weight is always confidential and there’s never any humiliation or judgement – just care, support and encouragement.

Nothing – absolutely nothing – beats the friendship, the trust, the community spirit and the support of your amazing Slimming World group.

Enjoy your time

in group

Your very first group will last around 1½ hours, then it's up to 1 hour each week after that.

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We promise

every member

that we will...

Listen to you and pay attention to your individual needs

Inspire and encourage you to reach whatever Personal Achievement Target you set for yourself

Help you to recognise your personal sabotage traps, and overcome them

Never humiliate you or tell you how much weight you should lose

Never announce your weight to the group, only your weight change

Help you to understand yourself as a slimmer as you move towards a healthier, more active lifestyle

Celebrate your successes as you lose pounds and take positive steps to a new you

Care and be there for you, providing support, advice and weight loss inspiration, not just in group, but during the week too

Provide you with great value for money. We’re the only weight loss group to offer a money-back guarantee

Give you free life membership when you achieve and remain within 3lbs of your Personal Achievement Target

Powerfully motivating support

Each week, after weighing in, you’re invited to enjoy the session called IMAGE Therapy. It stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience. It's personalised to you and it’s full of warmth, friendship, understanding, laughter, idea sharing, recipe swapping and much, much more.

Our most successful members are the ones who stay to IMAGE Therapy and soak up this amazing, mindset-shifting support.

‘Being accountable to those scales helps keep us on track, and staying to IMAGE Therapy makes a world of difference. You get so much help and encouragement!’

Graeme and Lisa lost 10st 4lb between them over 15 months




If you don’t lose weight during your first four weeks of group membership, we’ll give you your money back.

A generouseating plan

Sophie broke her cycle of comfort eating to lose 8st 11lbs

‘Slimming World helped me to discover my triggers and change my eating habits for good. I started to plan my meals and to make delicious Slimming World versions of my favourites. Now I feel like the version of me that I was always supposed to be!’

A life changing story

Losing 8st 8½lbs transformed Sandie’s self-esteem – and her wardrobe!

‘With the support of my group, I completely overhauled my relationship with food. Now, I’m loving saying “yes” to life – and I feel amazing in skinny jeans!’