What's your Tipping Point?

How alcohol can impact on your weight

A new study by Slimming World has found that when drinking alcohol, most of us have a tipping point after which we go on to eat and drink much more than we intended — leading to us consume 6,300 extra calories in food and alcohol over the next two days.

The average tipping point occurs at 9.3 units of alcohol. It sounds quite high, however it's equivalent to 3.7 pints of beer or 3.1 large glasses of wine — easy to reach! As well as the additional 6,300 calories, the following day half of us also cancel physical activity in favour of watching TV, staying in bed or spending time on social media.

Slimming World members who took part in the survey, told us:

  • You can still enjoy a drink and lose weight — 86% of Slimming World members enjoy alcohol in moderation and lose weight steadily.
  • You can learn ways to cut down your alcohol consumption without missing out on the party — 92% of Slimming World members learn simple strategies to moderate how much alcohol they consume.
  • You can learn how to make healthier food choices when you've been drinking — 88% of Slimming World members learn how to make healthier food choices after drinking alcohol.

In this section you'll be able to discover your own tipping point, along with tips, information and easy–to–make post–pub recipes to give you all the facts at your fingertips. Start with our quiz below to find out your personal tipping point…

Tipping Point Quiz

Quiz — what's your tipping point?

Find out your personal tipping point, how many extra calories you could be consuming as a result and how much weight you could gain in a year. Share your results with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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Story at a glance

How alcohol is ‘tipping’ us towards obesity.

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What to eat (when you drink)

Don’t miss this tasty selection of recipes that are ideal for filling up on to avoid those tipping point temptations.

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Expert tips

Read Slimming World’s white paper, and find out all the expert tips for managing alcohol and weight loss. Plus visit our features on alcohol choices and handling a hangover.

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