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Have you tried the new Slimming World activity videos yet? Exclusively available to Slimming World members through our website and app, our special set of 66 videos – including 14 seated workouts – have been designed to complement our Body Magic activity programme and help you on your way to lifelong health and fitness.

Are you ready to get moving? While the full selection of activity videos are only available to Slimming World members, we are giving blog readers a taster to kick off our new ‘It’s a kind of magic!’ activity challenge in style.

Get Funky!

Join in with our dynamic disco-based workout and discover how a quick shimmy and shake can ease tension, build strength and make you feel fantastic!

If we’ve inspired you to find out more about our Body Magic activity programme, you can check out our latest special offers here.

We know being more active can bring a host of brilliant benefits, from enjoying better overall health and having more energy to sleeping better and suffering less with stress. We also know that finding a workout that works for you can be a real challenge… Our activity videos are here to help you break through that barrier and the collection has been carefully created to:

  • cover a wide range of abilities, fitness and mobility levels – from gentle getting-started exercises to 30-minute workouts
  • include 14 workouts with both seated and standing exercise options
  • offer four different styles of activity – balance and flexibility, cardio, strength building and dance
  • link up beautifully with Body Magic awards – you can choose workouts that last five, 10, 15 or 30 minutes (depending on your personal motivation, which award you’re working towards and how much time you have)

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How will Slimming World activity videos help me get active?

Our unique Body Magic activity programme supports you to build up your fitness levels at your own pace – with expert support to help you recognise and overcome your personal stoppers – and our activity videos are no different.

All of our workouts include breaks at five-minute intervals. So if you’re working towards being active for 45 minutes a week, across three days or more (which will bag you a Bronze Body Magic award if you keep it up for four weeks), you can easily build up in five, 10 or 15 minute chunks – it’s your choice!

Likewise, if you’re aiming for your Silver or Gold Body Magic award, you can take a break after 15 minutes or complete a full 30-minute session in one go. And if you’re taking your very first steps towards being active, you’ll find a series of gentler exercises to help you get started.

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Lots of our members are already enjoying the activity videos, and feeling the benefits of a Body Magic boost! Here’s what they had to say…

“The videos help you get in shape in the privacy of your own home.”

“They’ve helped me to start regular exercise and to gradually build up the length of time I exercise.”

“The videos have helped me gain more confidence in my body.”

“I’ve got everything I need to lead a balanced and healthy life.”

“I’m impressed that they cover all aspects of working towards or maintaining fitness i.e. strength and flexibility, not just cardio.”

“After a busy workday, even a beginner’s level video workout is good as all movement is good!”

“I love the dance one. You don’t feel like you’re doing exercise.”

“They’re fun and make me smile, even when I go wrong.”

Where can I find the Slimming World activity videos?

Slimming World members can access all of our activity videos on our members-only website – click the link to take a look!

If you’re not already a member, then now’s the perfect time to join, so you can give our activity videos a go for yourself. As a member, you’ll also enjoy access to our full get-fit tool kit, which includes:

  • our Body Magic programme – a unique plan that’s rooted in the psychology of exercise
  • expert support to help you recognise then overcome your personal barriers
  • Body Magic awards to celebrate your progress
  • fitness articles, including exercise guides and activity ideas
  • member-exclusive podcasts to listen to on the go
  • a handy online tracker to plan and record your activity
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