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At Slimming World, we’re really happy that our real-life groups have re-opened. It continues to be a challenging time, so it’s fantastic to be able to see each other in person and feel that lovely lift that group gives. 

We’re especially pleased to learn that our members are safe and supported in group. Here are some of the things they’re loving the most about being back:

A motivational boost

Our members love the weekly shot of motivation that going to group gives them – it really does get you revved up and raring to start another fantastic week of Food Optimising. Slimming World member Rebecca (@3slimmingworldmeals) missed group during lockdown and is now powering through a slim-tastic September. She says:

“I am back in group and back in the gym, both of which are really big motivators for me. After a boozy/foodie August, which was thoroughly enjoyed, I am stepping into September feeling back in control and ready to reach my next target! I’m enjoying trying some new recipes and ‘plan, plan, plan’ helps me to stay on track.”

Rebecca (@3slimmingworldmeals)

Ellen Poole-Tonkinson has lost more than 3st with Slimming World and loves how Food Optimising and Body Magic go so brilliantly hand in hand. She sums up that magical motivation that comes from being around others who are focused on the same goal, saying:

“Group is like a family. Everyone just loves being back and everyone’s motivation rubs off on each other.” 

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Positive accountability

We never want our members to think of the scales as the enemy. Whether you maintain or see a loss or a gain, weighing in group can be a powerful and positive incentive, which some members have really missed.  

After losing over 16st with Slimming World, Aaron (@snaresylad_sw) admits that – like many of us – he struggled to keep up his slimming mojo during lockdown. He says:

“At times, I felt like I’d lost momentum with my weight loss and lost sight of my goals. Although virtual group was a lifeline when there was no other option, I really missed the accountability that comes with going to group to weigh in – and that special feeling you get being surrounded by support in real life.

Now that I’m back in my real-life group, I know I’m in the best place to get the support I need to start losing weight again. And it’s already working, as I had a 4½lbs loss this week! For me, this just proves that I need group to keep me in the right headspace to stay on my slimming journey.” 

Aaron’s slimming-friendly Sunday lunch!

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Sharing and caring

There’s definitely something uniquely special about being in a group of people, all on their own slimming journeys but doing it together. Laura Millard achieved her target weight during lockdown with a 3st 12lbs loss, and is loving being back in her supportive group again. She says:

“I’m loving seeing all the members and being back to sharing tips and experiences. The group really makes it!”

Renewed focus

Many of our members say that going to group gives them the perfect opportunity to spend time focusing on their weight loss goals – and they’re seeing great results since being back. Slimming World member Laura is thrilled with her loss and is keen to keep up that amazing momentum, saying:

“4lb off again this week 💪🏼 That’s 8lb off since being back at group! I don’t know what it is about group but it keeps me focused and on track. Here’s to another great week… I would really love to have a stone off in Sept!!”

Kat (@eatingmywayslim) is also over the moon with her return to group results. She says:

“3lbs lost in 4 weeks since going back to group!! Going to group and posting my meals really does help. I love a good loss because it just makes me more determined for the week ahead.”

Practical support

Emotional support is really important to our members – especially during challenging times – but the practical help they get in group is just as vital. Your Slimming World Consultant can give you all the support you need to plan a perfectly Food Optimised week, and will be by your side while you form new healthy habits. 

Paul has lost 12st with Slimming World and says that his Consultant and group are central to helping him maintain his new healthier lifestyle:

“Although my Slimming World virtual group was a godsend when I needed it, I missed the special atmosphere and support of a real-life group. Over lockdown, I slipped back into some old habits, like ordering takeaway curries and drinking more on the weekends. But since being back, my Consultant, Joanne, has already helped me to put a plan in place, and I’m determined to lose 5lbs before I go on holiday in October. I know that, with the support of group, I’ll never go back to how I was before.” 


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Awards you can hold

While we did our very best with virtual awards doing lockdown, there’s just no substitute for an award that’s presented in front of a room full of smiling faces – and that you can take home to display on your fridge! Many of our members say that achieving their weight loss and Body Magic awards spurs them on to set their next goal, getting them closer and closer to realising their ultimate weight loss dreams.

Beth (@sw_beth_2018) is thrilled with her back-to-group result and is within reaching distance of her next major milestone. She says:

“First week back in an actual, real-life group – where Slimmer of the Week is a certificate I can hold in my hand and not a note on my phone to screenshot! I am so glad to be back in group – and although it is a little different to the norm, I’m already excited for next week.

1lb lost this week which I am super chuffed with. 3lbs next week would get me down into a lower stone zone, so that’s the aim I’m setting myself. Continuing with getting the steps in and am working towards my silver Body Magic award! More determined now than ever!!”

It’s Beth’s time to shine!

Karen Darler lost 7st with Slimming World, after finally finding the time to focus on herself. She used the My Slimming World Virtual Service to keep her momentum going through lockdown – and her awards were waiting for her in group:

“By the time we could meet in person again in August, I’d achieved an overall loss of 7st. It felt great to receive my weight loss awards and have face-to-face contact again. This spurred me on to set a goal of losing 10st by Christmas, and with weekly groups back up and running, I’m confident I can achieve this.”  

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Friendly faces

For many of our members, friendship is at the heart of their group experience. Everyone is welcomed with a smile, there’s chat on tap and strong bonds are formed as we celebrate each other’s achievements and support each other through difficult times. As we all know, seeing friends and loved ones through a computer screen just isn’t the same as seeing them in person – and Slimming World members are loving just being back together in group again.

Dann (@dannsully_sw) shares his first-group-back experience, saying:

“Group wasn’t as weird as I thought it could be and my Consultant did a brilliant job with the cleaning. It was really nice to see some of the faces I’ve spent the last year or so of my journey with.”


That ‘I did it!’ feeling

We all face those times when we hit a wall that we just can’t seem to get over. That’s what your fellow members and Consultant are there for – to give you a leg-up! And that feeling when you refocus and get a really fantastic result just can’t be beaten, as Nia (@nialovesfood_sw) discovered:

“So last week I decided to go back to group as many are now open. I am doing this to make me feel better about myself. I’m fed up with having to wear hoodies when it’s so hot outside and feeling that I’ve got to cover myself up. I don’t want this anymore. 

So… the results are in… 9LBS LOSS! I am over the moon!!”


If you’re back at your real-life Slimming World group, we’d love to know how you’re finding being back together again. Email the blog or share on social using #theSlimmingWorldblog.

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