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Choice, flexibility and empowerment are at the heart of what Slimming World is all about. We love the community feeling and unbeatable support found in our buzzy local groups. We also understand that some people aren’t able to get to group or commit to regular group meetings. That’s where our digital-only service, Slimming World Online, comes in – and with a great ‘save £20’ offer, there’s never been a better time to join (more info at the bottom of this post).

In this series, we take a look at what our online members are sharing in their Community area – a lively space where they can post updates, thoughts and photos from along their slimming journey. Who better to bring us a Community catch-up than our Slimming World Community co-ordinator, Michelle Hall. Over to you, Michelle!

Hi everyone. Well, it’s safe to say that the past few months have been very challenging and, throughout it all, our online members have been there for each other. It’s been so inspiring to see our Community full of ideas and encouragement when things were difficult – as well as some amazing success stories and enthusiastic celebrations. It’s clear that nothing can dampen our members’ Slimming World spirit! Here are a few of the posts that caught my eye…

Just like our group members, Slimming World Online members get access to over 1,600 recipes on the website and app. And many of them have been making the most of this and trying new Slimming World recipes for the first time. KW28 thinks our pancake recipe is flippin’ fantastic! She says:

“First time trying Slimming World pancakes. OMG, this is my new favourite pancake recipe. I can’t believe how easy they were! So light and fluffy 😊”


From fluffy pancakes to Friday night fakeaways… Caroline (Smiler12) dished up a delicious Slimming World chicken kebab and chips that looks like it hit the spot. She says:

“This went down a treat tonight. Absolutely lush!”


Some of our members have been celebrating the start of summer with a little getaway. After cooking up some tasty vegan dishes in her camper, Nic (Rugs75) got active with a spot of bodyboarding. She says:

“My 8lbs weight loss certainly made it a little easier to slip into my wetsuit 👍”


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We have another member who’s been slipping into a wetsuit – which was a major non-scales victory for her. Stoneflower73 says:

“A year ago, I sat on the beach watching other people swimming in the sea and thought ‘I want to do that’. So I took up swimming lessons over winter and learnt the crawl. I joined Slimming World so I could fit into a wetsuit. I haven’t reached my target weight yet but this morning I had my first open-water lesson, and now I’m the kind of person who has a wetsuit drying on her washing line! The biggest improvement is not the loss of my fat but the gain of my self-esteem… this photo actually beats reaching target!”


Victoria (Vic02) shows that, whatever the great British weather is doing, you can still enjoy a Body Magic boosting hike in the countryside. She tackled Kinder Scout and Jacob’s Ladder in Derbyshire, clocking up an impressive 9.36 miles (although she thinks her dog probably went twice that distance) and says she’s “feeling fab, despite the rain!”


Barbecue weather always has me hankering after a burger and it seems that member Katie (lowfatdish) feels the same. She made an impressive double cheeseburger using beef burgers from the Slimming World food range (available at Iceland), served with home-made Slimming World chips and stacks of salad. You can make your own at home using this recipe


Are you a Slimming World Online member? We’d love you to share your favourite blog posts in the Community! 

Thinking of joining our online-only service, Slimming World Online? Until 29th Aug, we’re offering £20 or 25 euros off membership, as part of the NHS Better Health campaign. Find out more and get your offer code here.

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