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Yes you can lose weight with Slimming World while following a plant-based diet!

Pasta, rice, potatoes, beans, pulses, grains and veggies are all Slimming World Free Foods – which means you can eat as much as you like, with no need to weigh, measure or count. You’ll also find many vegan proteins on the Free Food list, including plain Quorn (vegan varieties), jackfruit and tofu.

Slimming World members have access to hundreds of vegan Slimming World recipes on the website – plus many more that can be easily adapted to suit a vegan diet.

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Vegan Slimming World recipes

Miso soup with smoked tofu

Miso Soup

Our version of the deeply savoury (and very slurpable) Japanese broth is chocka with chunks of tofu and Asian veggies. Baking the tofu makes it irresistibly crispy, too.

Vegan bolognese

Lentilognese-Slimming World vegetarian recipes-slimming world blog

Is your family bonkers for bolognese night? Pasta is definitely on the menu with Slimming World (in fact, it’s a Free Food, so you can enjoy as much as you like). We’ve used protein-rich lentils in our saucy vegan version – a tasty twist to keep you feeling fuller for longer

Five-spice tofu stir-fry

Tofu stir fry recipe-five-spice tofu stir fry-slimming world blog

Filled with warming spices, crispy tofu and lots of crunchy veg, this quick and easy wok star can be on your plate in just 25 minutes.

Black-eyed bean and vegetable chilli

Black Eyed Bean And Vegetable Chilli Bowl

Packed with Free beans and chunky veg for a really satisfying bowl, it’s delicious with rice and a zesty squeeze of lime.

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Vegetable jambalaya

Vegetable Jambalaya

Our popular vegan rice dish delivers a spicy punch of Southern flavours, while the veggies and Quorn add extra filling power. Best of all? It’s completely Free!

Sweet potato curry

Slimming World vegan curry-vegan curry recipe-Slimming World blog

The satisfying mix of sweet potato, spinach, tomatoes, coconut milk and chilli will bring a spicy kick to the kitchen table.

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Easy vegan recipes – with videos

Massaman curry

This simple three-step recipe is ready in just 25 minutes. Perfect for when you want curry in a hurry!

Chilli ramen bowl

Ramen is nourishing and full of flavour – and this tofu dish will leave you feeling soup-er satisfied.

Bhaji burgers

Topped with crispy onions and mango chutney ‘mayo’, this is a burger plus curry bonanza!

Discover the Slimming World Vegan recipe book

If your tastebuds are tantilised by our bhaji burger and ramen bowl, you’ll find these and many more vegan recipes in our Va va vegan book – available to buy in Slimming World groups (or the e-shop for Slimming World Online members).

Asian noodle jar

St Clements traybake

This clever cake uses chickpea water (aquafaba) and soya yogurt, with delicious results.

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