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Exciting news alert – we’re now the proud sponsors of the Slimming World podcast! We’ve had our ears on this podcast for a while now, and we love it so much that we’ve decided to give it our heart-shaped stamp of approval.

Press play to be welcomed into Anna and Clare’s world of all things slimming. Anna’s Slimming World experience spans 20 years – through challenging spinal surgery, getting married and becoming a working mum – and that’s just as a member! She’s also been a Slimming World Consultant for nine years, so we’re super confident that she knows her Slimming World stuff. 

Clare is a self-confessed yo-yo dieter who’s ditched her on-and-off habits for a steady Slimming World lifestyle change. Loneliness, boredom and heartbreak have been big weight-loss blockers for Clare, but her new, healthier relationship with food has seen her lose more than 5st in two years. 

Based on their own experiences – and now with a sprinkle of official Slimming World magic – this podcast is great for when you want an extra boost of inspiration (and a bit of a giggle!) between group or using Slimming World Online. Just search ‘Slimming World podcast’ wherever you usually find your pods and it should pop up.

Whether you’re in the kitchen or the car, relaxing or getting active – or you just want a really good listen while you get on with other things – Anna and Clare can keep you company.

Here are some of my favourite problem-solving Slimming World pod-isodes…

I’ve got a packed social calendar – help!

Being a social butterfly is great, but it can throw up some challenges. With Slimming World, you never have to say no to nights out and day dates. Anna and Clare see how far their Syns will stretch at a popular chain pub – and give their tips for getting the most bang for their Slimming World buck. Spoiler alert: you don’t always have to have the jacket potato!

Pod-isode 24: Eating out on Slimming World

I eat when I’m bored – help!

If you’ve identified boredom as one of your eating triggers, brilliant! Now you can look at ways to squash those fake cravings and snack smarter. Give this a play to pick up tips and also banish boredom at the same time – two birds, one stone!

Pod-isode 40: Boredom eating, how to beat it

I struggle to stay on track in the supermarket – help!

Does the supermarket shop send you into a tailspin? Have a listen to ‘Supermarket sweep’ in the car on the way there and get that big shop done the savvy slimming-friendly way.

Pod-isode 17: Supermarket sweep

I want to join a Slimming World group but I’m scared – help!

We understand that walking into a Slimming World group can feel daunting – but we guarantee you’ll get the warmest of welcomes and feel absolutely amazing when you walk out. Give this episode a listen and get a great idea of what to expect in your local group – and why it’s where the magic really happens.

Pod-isode 57: What being in group really means at Slimming World

Have you had a listen? We’d love to know what you think! Drop us an email to let us know, or show us your best listening faces on social (#theSlimmingWorldblog).

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