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Getting fitter brings huge benefits for your health (and your long-term weight loss success!). And starting an activity routine – then sticking with it – is easier than you think with Slimming World.

Uniquely, our Body Magic physical activity support programme is rooted in the psychology of successful change. It’ll support you to overcome any personal barriers to getting started, find activities you love, get started at your own pace – then keep going!

What are Slimming World Body Magic awards?

Body Magic awards are our motivating, success-inspiring way of encouraging you to get started and build up your active habits. Our awards celebrate every milestone you achieve on your journey, until being active is a part of your everyday life.

The best part is, with every award you achieve, your Consultant and friends in group (or our Slimming World Online community) will be there to recognise your success and celebrate with you.

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Small steps for lifelong success

We know that going too hard too soon will almost certainly put you off  before you’ve had a chance to reap the rewards of moving more.

Our Body Magic awards encourage you to make a small change and repeat it, until that change becomes a habit – your new normal.

Then, when you’re ready, they’ll help you build up gradually at your own pace – increasing the amount of exercise you do bit by bit – until moving more becomes a healthy, enjoyable part of your life.

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What is the Magic Mover award?

Our Magic Mover award celebrates your very first moves into Body Magic – whether that’s a short walk, getting off the bus a stop earlier, doing a five- or 10-minute activity video or something else.

If you’re not already active, you don’t have to do a huge amount of exercise to make progress. Simply moving about more brings amazing health benefits for your health.

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How do you record Body Magic?

This powerful tool also helps you to think more deeply about your activity plans and how you feel about exercise, so that you can build your own personal strategy for success.

You can also track your workouts using the Planner on the Slimming World app and website. Plus, if you use the Fitbit, Apple Health or Google Fit  apps, you can sync these to our Planner to automatically track your steps and achievements.

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Take the first step to a fitter, healthier you

When you join Slimming World, you’ll gain access to our full Body Magic tool kit. It has everything you need to get fitter

  • the Slimming World app and website – home to our activity tracker, exercise guides and fitness-themed podcasts
  • more than 90 activity videos, including seated workouts to suit all abilities
  • mindset-shifting, strategy-packed online articles, to get you off the starting blocks and make moving more a regular part of your week
  • the FITT log, to help you track your activity towards your Body Magic awards, and identify and overcome any obstacles
  • motivating Body Magic awards, to inspire you through your fitness journey and celebrate your wins
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