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Are you on a mission to get your family eating better? Slimming World makes it easy! All of your gang’s favourites fit into our flexible Food Optimising plan – including big Sunday roasts, Friday night fakeaways and hearty midweek meals – so you can serve up delicious, nutritious dishes and make dinner times a grumble-free zone. 

When you follow Food Optimising, you can rest assured that your family will be eating well while you’re losing weight. Studies show that our members, on average, improve their eating habits significantly and now eat better than the general population. They were found to… 

  • eat more fruit and vegetables (our Free Foods list is packed with plenty of colourful fruit and veg – so you can eat as much as you like!)
  • eat more fibre than the general population, and are more likely to meet the daily recommendations 
  • on average, meet the recommended calcium intake (as a Slimming World member you’ll enjoy measured Healthy Extras every day, to ensure you’re getting the right amounts of these essential nutrients) 
  • cook from scratch more often, buy fewer takeaways and choose fast food less often (with more than 1,700 recipes in our online collection, including tasty fakeaways, it’s easy to find Food Optimising versions of your go-tos) 
  • drink fewer sugary drinks and cut down on alcohol, meeting the recommended guideline of 14 units per week or under (of course, you can still enjoy a tipple – our flexible Food Optimising plan just puts you in control!) 
  • consume less salt, sugar, fat and saturated fat 
  • eat more oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids (which can help lower the risk of heart disease and protect joints) 

4 family favourites 

We’ve made meal planning easy this week with four popular recipes for you to try with your family.

Mushroom pappardelle

Creamy mushroom pappardelle - Valentine's Day menu - Slimming World Blog
  • Free
  • vegetarian
  • quick and easy

This creamy pasta dish can be in bowls (and bellies!) in 25 minutes. 

Fish and chips

Slimming World fish and chips
  • fakeaway

Gather around the table for a tasty takeaway swap. 

Quorn moussaka

Quorn moussaka-slimming world vegetarian recipes-slimming world blog
  • Free
  • vegetarian
  • freezer-friendly

Serve up a mouth-watering moussaka and watch it disappear. 

Roast chicken with stuffing

Roast chicken dinner - Mother's Day - Slimming World Blog

This Food Optimising chicken dinner is a sure-fire winner! 

When you join Slimming World, you’ll be supported to make healthy changes that fit into your lifestyle and be given tips, recipes and ideas for simple swaps which you can share with your family. Whatever’s on your regular menu, we can make it slimming-friendly – so you can get the weight loss you want, while enjoying fuss-free family meals and feeling the benefits of eating better, together. 

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